It’s All Gravy, Baby: A Review of the Bridge’s Carvery


9/10: Minimum effort, maximum satisfaction

This weekend the Lifestyle ladies were treated to a three-course carvery courtesy of the team behind the Bridge Bar’s relaunch. Based on our tasting session when it first re-opened after a stunning refurbishment, we had high expectations, but, fortunately, the meal didn’t disappoint.

Atmosphere: 8/10

Since undergoing a facelift, the Bridge Bar has gained some considerable aesthetic appeal. The contemporary furnishings may not seem like the perfect situation for a roast dinner but the cosy booths and good company worked their magic.

Service: 10/10

The service was one of the highlights of our lunch date. All staff members were cheerful and helpful, meaning that, when the queues got a bit long, no one minded waiting. The carving of the meat was done by staff members but the rest followed a self-service buffet type arrangement, which of course allows hungry students to fill their plates to their heart’s content. Who can resist two Yorkshire puddings, after all?

Quality of food/drink: 9/10

We were lucky enough to enjoy 3 courses at the carvery in the form of vegetable soup followed by a hearty roast and a slice of cheesecake. The soup made a light prelude before the main event and at the carvery we were offered a choice of pork or beef (or nut cutlets for vegetarians), served with a selection of vegetables, more roast potatoes than you can shake a stick at and sizeable, very fluffy Yorkshire puddings. The meat was cooked perfectly – with lots of crackling on the pork – and all the accompaniments were equally good, if not better. Both the chocolate and lemon cheesecakes were like those on the normal menu, but delicious nevertheless. Lemon was my preferred choice as a lighter end to quite a heavy meal.

Value for money: 9/10

At £4.99 for your choice of 2 courses, the Bridge’s carvery is excellent value for money. The portions are definitely enough to fill any student up for a decent amount of time and the quality of what’s on offer far exceeds how much you’re expected to pay. It would without a doubt be worth foregoing a takeaway to make a house trip to the Bridge on a Sunday instead and, to be honest, at these prices you might not even have to forego anything else at all.

Overall impression:

One of the things students always admit to missing at university is the Sunday roast. Admittedly, it is possible to club together and make one in your flat or house, but even splitting the costs may not be cheaper than the Bridge’s alternative, which of course requires no culinary challenges and no washing up. It is difficult to exaggerate the brilliance of the Bridge’s latest offering. As one of our fellow media reviewees of Surge, Daniel Tovey, put it: ‘this is the best type of carvery because you don’t have to sit with your gran’.

So there you have it. Grab some excellent company and head down to the Bridge next Sunday from 12pm-4pm for some affordable and heart-warming culinary delights.


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