Top 10 Erotic Stocking Fillers for a Very Merry Christmas


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It’s that glorious time of year; Christmas is creeping up on us. The festivities have already begun, Christmas lights are twinkling across the country, log fires are roaring, mulled wine is simmering and the classic Christmas crooners are making us, here in the lifestyle section, feel very festive indeed.

The festive season is the perfect time to treat yourself and the ones you love. To spice things up under the Christmas tree this year, we have carefully selected ten of the most wanted erotic stocking fillers to ensure you have a very, merry, Christmas.

These high-end boutique gifts and high street gems offer a little something for everyone. Whether you’re buying for him or for her, with no budget or cash to burn, hopefully you will find something that tickles your fancy.

Joyeux Noël to all.

Number Ten

Oral Sex He’ll Never Forget.
Ann Summers. £12.99

At the moment erotic books are becoming commercial best sellers across the globe. Personally I’ve never been a fan of erotic fiction, although I understand the intrigue. Instead of imagining all the things I’d like to do to Mr. Grey, I’d rather read a ‘how to’ book and just… do it. So at number 10 I have included a ‘how to’ guide to oral sex, fellatio, blow jobs. I’ve read a handful of sample pages from this book and I think it will be good for those who feel less confident giving oral sex. This is a basic step-by-step guide that will build your confidence and expand your repertoire  For those that enjoy oral sex and know your frenulum from your perineum (and all the bits in between): move on, this book isn’t for you.

Number Nine

Bondage Boutique Leather Studded Flogger
Love Honey. £14.99

If you’ve joined the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon then a whip or paddle might well be top of your Christmas list this year. Here is a cute little whip that can be used for gentle tickle and tease or BDSM. This flogger from Love Honey offers good value for money! If you’re looking for something more advanced, however, Coco de Mer have a great range in their ‘spanking, whips and floggers’ section.

Number Eight

Shunga Edible Chocolate Body Paint
Ann Summers. £6.00

This edible chocolate body paint by Shunga Erotic Art is the crème de la crème of erotic edible products. This luxurious liquid chocolate comes complete with Japanese calligraphy brush to scrawl across your partners back. This gift is perfect for an indulgent boxing day love-in for those a little less adventurous.

Number Seven

Bionic Bullet Vibrating Butt Plug.
Love Honey. £10.00

Butt Plugs are the erotic item du jour. Some may still find them scary, but they are quickly becoming a top draw essential. For those of you that are interested in anal sex toys, a bullet is a good place to begin. A small, compact vibrator with five vibration modes, it gives powerful stimulation during sex to intensify your’s or your partner’s orgasm. The bionic bullet comes highly recommended amongst other buyers – it’s a great place to start for beginners.

Number Six

Silk Scarf Restraint Black/Red
Coco de Mer £25.50

The perfect introduction to soft bondage, this silk Coco de Mer scarf oozes luxury. It is so versatile, use it to tie the object of your affection’s wrists or ankles. It’s silky soft and is just to die for. Or, if you like to tease, wrap it around your partner’s eyes as a blindfold. The great thing about this silk tie is that if you leave it around the house, no one will bat an eyelid and, unlike tape, this silk scarf will never run out!

Number Five

Lelo Vanilla and Creme de Cacao Massage Candle.
Coco de Mer. £20.00

Create a sensuous atmosphere with this sleek, natural wax candle. Let the room fill with it’s divine vanilla scent and when the wax begins to melt, drizzle it across your partner’s skin for a sensual, spine tingling massage.  This 150g candle will burn for up to 36 hours to enjoy time and time again. Vanilla sex has never been better…

Number four

‘Wanna Spoon, Wanna Fork’ Silver plated cutlery set.
Coco de Mer. £36.00

It’s kitsch. It’s gorgeous. It’s on everyone’s most wanted list. If this were mine, it would be framed and made into a piece of art. If you’re looking for a quirky gift that says “I love you” this is it.

Number three

Incoqnito Lambskin Nipple Tassel Ties.
Coco de Mer. £40.00

Our nipples are a hot bed of nerve endings crying out for attention. These chic nipple tassel ties are designed to heighten the sensation around those neglected erogenous zones. The soft lambskin ties are fastened securely around the nipple, to heighten your (or your partner’s) arousal. These luxurious ties, with thier elegant design, scream out for attention, lips, tongue, teeth, they’ll leave you wondering why you ever left your nipples bare.

Number two

Agent Provocateur Purse Spray
John Lewis £29.70

This sensual fragrance by Agent Provocateur combines a heady array of Indian saffron oil, Morrocan rose oil, French Magnolia oil, amber and musk. Incredibly sexy and distictive, Agent Provocateur have now created a dinky (25ml) handbag friendly version of their award winning fragrance. Perfect for busy women that like to smell gorgeous all day long. A sure fire winner for her stocking this Christmas!

Number one

We-Vibe 3
Ann Summers £100.00

Smart, sleek and discrete the We-Vibe vibrator has been a recent phenomenon in the sex toy industry. The We-Vibe 3 is designed to be used by both of you together or either of you alone. The c-shaped design means that it sits against the shaft of the penis during intercourse, vibrating internally whilst reaching around to give clitoral stimulation simultaneously.  The new version of the We-Vibe is waterproof (perfect for hot baths on cold winter nights) and Gents, this vibrator can be activated using a remote control, meaning the power to please is in your hands. This toy boasts six different vibration modes, and is a powerful, pocket-sized addition to anyone’s personal stash.This vibrator is worth it’s weight in gold, an investment at the outset but sure to pay off time and time again.


With many thanks to: Coco de Mer, Lovehoney, John Lewis and Ann Summers.

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