Finding That Perfect Christmas Dress…


 Once again that time of year has come around. It’s cold outside and all you want is to curl up in your onesie with a mug of hot chocolate. The snow filled skies make Christmas shopping seem like a bit of a pain. However, you still need an outfit for the office Christmas party! To save you from the frantic shoppers, I have braved the winter weather to hunt down the high street winter trends of 2012.

It seems that wherever you go along the high street, regardless of the price, the same few trends exist throughout. Peplum dresses are still popular this season, with the added drama of gold studs which give a rock chic edge. The favoured colours are seductive red, deep purple, royal blue and of course the traditional black and white/cream. New Look, River Island and Boohoo are some of the best places I found this trend occurring.

This edgy look is suitable for the ‘Christmas party’ if paired with a boot heel and studded clutch bag.

The second main trend is lace. However, this season it has been paired with dense fabrics to take away some of its fragility. You will see it combined with leathers and in side panels to change the silhouette. This is still a fairly feminine look but if leather isn’t your taste, you can still find lace dresses.

Whilst roaming the shops I noticed that embellishments and vintage patterns have been introduced. After a bit of research I have found out that this trend is called Baroque, a 17th century print, which Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen have designed for. These  designers have  heavily influenced the high street look. The dresses look expensive and elegant with silver and gold beading onto delicate chiffons. Personally this trend has to be my favourite as I love beautifully embellished details on dresses.  Dorothy Perkins, Asos and Primark have some of the best examples.

The good news is most high street shops have online shopping and delivery. So now you know what to look for, you can find your perfect Christmas dress in a trend that suits you, all without moving from the comfort of your home!


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