All I Want for Christmas is…


It’s that time of year again. Some love it, some hate it and some of us couldn’t care less. It’s all well and good receiving great presents and loving them (with the exception of Nan’s latest knitwear), but when it comes to buying them for others…well that’s where we all panic. Buying presents for the opposite sex is the trickiest, unless you are certain of her bra size or know he hasn’t already got that PS3 game. So here are a few ideas to get you started…

 Laura Sinclair, 3rd year Midwifery Student: “I would love the original Star Trek box set, geeky I know! I could do with a new webcam for my laptop, and a new Zen MP3 Player. Oh! and Chanel N05 eau de parfum.”

“If I was to buy a present for a guy I would probably buy him a nice wallet or aftershave.”

Tom Graham, 3rd year Politics student: “This is a bit embarrassing but I really want the complete Friends box set. Any kind of computer game would be cool, some chocolate, and possibly some music for my trumpet.”

“I would get a girl some jewellery, some socks because I buy everyone socks, and chocolate.”

Jade Martin, 3rd year Oceanography student: “I know what I want! A Pikachu onesie! Biscuit cutters because I like to bake, a telescope, and a pirates hat to wear to the sales.”

“In the past I have bought guys pyjamas, chocolate, Xbox games and pants.”

Alex Wylde, 3rd year Philosophy and Politics student: “I don’t really need anything but I suppose a big bottle of Whiskey and a new watch would be good. And even though I have one already: a whole new guitar!”

“I would buy my girlfriend some earrings and a bottle of Peach Snapps.”

Eleanor Hunt, 3rd year History student: “I would like some new earrings and a nice pair of boots. Even though it’s not going to happen a new laptop would help me out, and a new pair of slippers.”

“I have bought my boyfriend a lot of books and music in the past; I am good at baking so I have made him some cupcakes too.”

There you go guys, hopefully one of these suggestions has left you feeling inspired. If not, sneakily ask your friends what they have bought in the past and pinch their ideas – or you could play it safe and buy socks – you can’t go wrong there!



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