Fashion and Style Society Launches: Get the Inside Scoop Here!


This month sees the University of Southampton launching its first Fashion and Style society. Founder Shannon Cross gave the Wessex Scene a sneak-peek into what’s in store…

Shannon Cross shows off her Southampton style
Shannon Cross shows off her Southampton style

Why did you decide to start a Fashion and Style society?

As I hadn’t done any sport throughout college, I was too scared to join the sports societies! They all looked so pro and I am not a sporty person. So I thought about the kind of society I would like to join and decided Fashion and Style would be it. I was quite surprised to find it didn’t already exist so thought I’d just make it myself!

What kind of events are you planning to do with the society?

At the moment, Semester Two is about creating foundations to launch the Society next year. I’ve been in touch with the Health and Beauty Society who are keen to collaborate. I’m looking into talks with professionals in Fashion industries like business consultants, journalists, lawyers. 

Also, I’d love to do a few DIY master classes for students who would like to design and make their own clothes.

During this semester, we’d like to start up a blog and start style spotting on campus. Best of all, there will be a charity fashion show before Christmas.

The society is hosting a launch event. What are you hoping to achieve at this event?

Firstly, I’d like some members! The launch event is on Thursday 31st January at 6pm in the Nuffield Theatre, Lecture Room B (06 / 1081 (L/R B)) and is open to boys and girls. The launch event is a chance for people to register interest. Membership is free, so all I need is an e-mail address and ID and you’re in! I also need to build a committee, so there will be a chance for people to sign up for that too. Most of all, it’s a chance for us to explain what we would like to do as a society and see what people would like us to do.

You say you’re looking for committee members, what roles do you need to fill and what kind of people are you looking for? How do people apply for committee roles?

We are looking for a treasurer, secretary and two events co-ordinators. Other potential roles are currently in discussion. People can apply by signing up at our launch!

Tell us about your style? How would you define it, and who is your style icon?

Cara Delevingne perfects the off-duty model look
Cara Delevingne perfects the off-duty model look

I think my style changes too much! It seems to change between boho chic, boyish, floaty dresses and smart/casual. My style icon is Cara Delevigne. I love her laid back boyish style. Also, Rita Ora –  big hair, big hoops and mega rings.

What are your favourite shopping spots in Southampton?

West Quay is heaven! I think Zara must have a good chunk of my student loan! I also love the Beatnik Emporium for quirky vintage buys. I bought a baseball jacket in there when I first moved to Southampton and it’s still one of my favourite buys. Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford designer labels. I absolutely love Chloe’s clean and simple designs. I also adore Valentino – best gowns in the universe. But for now, it’s the high street!

Kate Moss: A British Style Icon

And finally, British style is renowned for being unique in the fashion world. Why do you think this is?

British style to me is about dressing up without being polished. Just think Alex Chung or Kate Moss – dresses with messy hair and blazers with jeans.


Thank you very much to Shannon for giving us an inside look into this fantastic society! The launch event is on Thursday 31st January at 6pm in the Nuffield Theatre, Lecture Room B (06 / 1081 (L/R B)). Come and see what it’s all about. There will be cake!

Like the Facebook page here.

See the event details here.




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