An Alternative Valentine’s for the Single and the Not-So-Single.


It’s that time of year again when there are those singletons who moan about couples getting all gooey-eyed, couples who moan about singletons moaning, and others moaning about everyone moaning. Indeed, Valentine’s Day is looming its rose-covered head once more and thus the decision of how to celebrate (or not celebrate) is on many people’s minds. However, whether you are single or in a relationship, do something different from the usual stereotype this year and celebrate in style…

Single alternatives to wallowing in a sea of tissues, Channing Tatum DVDs and constant self-reassurance through Twitter that you are very happy with your relationship status:

1.       Have a Spa Day.

Rather than wishing someone else was giving you a massage, actually go and get one! This is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a relaxing Shiatsu to get rid of your worries or a manicure to die for.

2.       Travel.

Whether it be a week exploring Peru (perhaps not for us students) or a day trip to Stonehenge, why not make the most of the quiet roads and take a trip to somewhere you have always had a craving to go.

3.       Gym it.

This is a great day don the Lycra and head to the gym. Not only will the gym be filled with other single people, but you can build your self-confidence at the same time. You’ll be positively glowing!

A couple’s alternative to over-priced chocolates and unattractively cramped restaurants in which you have to put up with the couple next to you nose-rubbing:

1.       Take a class together.

It could be dancing, photography, or even re-enacting the pottery scene from Ghost. Taking a class together will bring you closer, give you something you can both enjoy together and could even be something that you continue for the rest of the year.

2.       Have an activity day.

Why not take to your local leisure park and go bowling? Or maybe something a little more energetic? Rock climbing or ice skating can get the adrenaline pumping for hours. It might even last till Valentine’s Day night!

3.       Invite another couple round

It could be for dinner, drinks, games or all three! Spending the evening with another couple will provide a friendly and social alternative.

These are only a few suggestions out of thousands that you could do this Valentine’s. If you’re fed up with this day of celebrating love or if you do the same thing with your partner every year, why not branch out and have yourself an alternative Valentine’s Day.


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