Fast-track Love: RAG Speed Dating


The SUSU RAG speed dating event at the Bridge was fun. I’d never been speed dating before, but with my new speed-dating knowledge I can now give the following top tip: it gets steadily more enjoyable as glasses of vod-cranberry disappear. oZgeD1PTG0gnriNdIWcMMVp0OKjqV_WclUytuhTIq8Y,op86nRwKlbmDB3oaXl5n3oqXhfzlml84JQd6q4X-B2Y

The Bridge was the perfect venue, it’s soft orange-y lighting and a ready bar made for an excellent location. The tables were helpfully decorated with prompt questions such as “do you cook? What is your signature dish” and “does your mother know you’re out?” Small glitter hearts assisted in setting the scene for romance.

I was quite impressed with some of the boys, who had turned up wearing suits, mainly because I’m a sucker for suits. Most people however, were casual and the whole atmosphere was very light hearted. Apparently no one goes looking for love in earnest at a student charity event, preferring the palace of dreams that is Jesters. This meant that CCsgdozoGVAwx9chkgtHEfTuaMmPhrglBKes1H9OkFI,E_bZz3-6jHUlEmXZ3JNlCVrEEPiDY0C7WOv8I8DQklY,96vvoqMuIFYd0fwc6-ZErimkmKEj48sb12z-MYoHi3Uwhen I tried to get serious and incite a reaction, no one took me seriously; after a while the same-old “so what do you do” and “what year are you in” began to bore me. I began to exercise my creative journalistic licence. When talking about a film with one partner, I mentioned “oh my daughter really likes that film.” After an initial fleeting look of confusion and slight horror, he said “no you don’t.” At that point I laughed and gave the game away.

I also tried to be keen: “I really want a boyfriend, I’m looking for a serious relationship” which was faced by blanks looks and usually an awkward nod, before I gave in and said I was joking. I probably still came off as the weird though.

NBINu4ztphkiYI0pdCw8EPTysr8Rk_PCq1JGbNp_jng,9aqRtppYeHJRqufH7n3qdq3Nw0ZiXRTawjZgFupxa3k,9EItlvE7_gCtBCT32hSy5mAUTZcoR3JnNIz-d1QaBu8The rounds were two minutes each, interrupted with a bell – a sound which took my right back to my primary school playground, and the deep sorrow of the ‘end of playtime’. The whole thing lasted about two hours, but I didn’t stay ’til the end as I had a friend’s birthday, meaning I missed the fun scoring bit at the end.

There were a lot of engineers there, all kinds. Are the engineers the subject most unlucky in love? It’s a big question. Maybe this was a lonely week for the engineers; Valentine’s Day must be particularly daunting for them. There were also some cheery computer science boys there, who told me that they are trying to raise the profile of their subject by being more ‘out there’. They made some progress last night and I hope they continue to do so!

I’m not sure if speed dating is my thing. Obviously it wasn’t serious, but I did find it a bit repetitive after a while. I did however, meet a rather dashing Canadian boy, who wasn’t speed dating, but chatting to the friend I had dragged along to take photos of the event: I met someone at speed dating, but not actually speed dating. Crazy world.



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