Food for Thought


Food. We all eat it, we all love it, but there is a fine line between delicious and deranged. Picture this: it’s late at night and all the stores are closed. Your stomach’s grumbling, but your cupboards are nearly empty. Time to get creative. Many of us have unusual treats that we can’t get enough of but that others just don’t understand. Here are just a few of the unexpected food combinations that your fellow students swear by.

Image by Anna Glover.
Image by Anna Glover.

Have you ever had Cucumber and Ketchup? One third year student told me she loves this green and red combo, which might seem odd but why not give it a try?

From talking to students and searching online, peanut butter seems to be as useful as salt and pepper. It goes with absolutely everything, apparently; chips, crisps, salad, burgers, cheese, ham, mayo, jam, chilli and gherkins. A Fourth Year Computer Science student suggested I try Peanut butter and Doritos, and one Postgraduate English student told me she loves Peanut butter and Cucumber. This could be the food to solve all of your culinary problems!

One food that has a place in most people’s hearts (it has been known to turn a vegetarian or two!) is bacon. One student’s mother loves Dates wrapped in bacon and another  told me she likes Bacon and Jam sandwiches.  ‘It has to be raspberry jam though; Strawberry would just be weird…’ she said. I’d take her word for it, if I were you!

Love it or hate it, Marmite exists, but have you ever thought to add hot water and drink it like hot chocolate? Heaven for some, hell for others.

Fruit is very versatile, but some of these combos do seem a bit strange: Watermelon and mint sauce, Pineapple and soy sauce or frozen grapes.

Chocolate is undeniably wonderful and very popular over exam period, but many well-known and much loved companies sell some rather strange flavours. Chilli Chocolate is not only widely available, but popular. Chocolate and sea salt has been suggested to me countless times by my aunt (although I’m not convinced). Chocolate and Cheese sounds as if someone has mixed up their fondue. Nevertheless, Philadelphia managed to convince Jennifer Saunders to promote their version of this combo, and some students go further by adding egg to make a tasty treat.

The list goes on and includes such crazy combinations as:

Weetabix and Butter
Coleslaw and Curry Powder
Pasta and Salad Cream
Noodles and Cheese
Rice and Gravy
Banana Custard and Cornflakes
Baked Beans and Marmite
Popcorn and Mustard
Pancakes and Ketchup

 The majority may sound a bit strange, but the oddest combination I heard has to be the person who makes a jug of gravy and then dunks in his rich tea biscuits. Whether ingenious or institutional, I’m far more concerned about how someone would discover this.

As students, we are accustomed to living off strange and limited resources, within reason of course.  Whether you rate these bizarre concoctions or are disgusted by the very idea of them, the fact is that some people think that these foodie solutions are the best thing since sliced bread. So, if you find yourself hungry, but with no idea what you could make, why not take inspiration from these odd concoctions, and experiment. You may become the next Heston Blumenthal!


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