7Bone Burger Co. – Gourmet Grub at a Great Price!


It all began with a burger epiphany. 7Bone Burger Co. is a brand new restaurant opening in Portswood today. Bringing American comfort food to a New York diner, right here in Southampton. 

After tasting the greatest burgers of their lives, owners Richard and Matt decided to rise to the challenge. Wessex Scene were invited to try out the ‘7Boner experience’ just last night. Here are our thoughts on the place…

The Menu
The Menu

When first setting foot in the restaurant, we instantly felt relaxed. It’s the simple things from the authentic furniture to the clipboard menus to the ‘kitchen roll serviettes’ that made us feel like we could just chill out and enjoy our food (no worrying about table etiquette…phew!). Normally I’d be stunned by kitchen roll as a napkin alternative but at 7Bone, it just adds to the homely charm.

The low lighting and old highway diner style decor of a blackboard wall and another bricked wall made you feel even more relaxed and homely.

And the food?! *Queue various onomatopoeic yummy noises*


Local produce, freshly made and with intriguing names such as ‘Prince Charles is Overrated’ and ‘Shuffle to Straight Time’ …you can’t not try a 7Bone burger. Before we could even instagram our food (like polite customers), we had already scoffed the lot! The food arrived just minutes after ordering, served in food baskets and takeaway boxes, just like real New York street food.

Just some of the tasty, proper comfort food
Just some of the tasty, proper comfort food

This place isn’t your typical Jukebox 50’s diner… it’s a refreshingly modern day New York style diner that comes with great customer service. With the prices of a main averaging around £6.50 and sides/deserts averaging around £3, you can get a meal that leaves you happy and most importantly…full!

The food, which was mainly perfectly cooked, thick meaty burgers doused in the right amount of cheese and whatever other quirky filling you decided to order. Great value for seven quid.


The options don’t stop at exciting burger names! 7Bone have some seriously tempting desert flavours, from simple peanut butter jelly to a sophisticated affagato, with your option to have it as a waffle, shake or ice cream.

Banoffee and Berry Freeze shakes
Banoffee and Berry Freeze shakes

We rated 7Bone an 8/10. It’s got good food and a great atmosphere – run by some lovely people! What’s not to love? We can’t wait to go back, and with veggie options and regular specials on the way, we’re even more impatient. The team at 7Bone genuinely want you to come back, so they really go out of their way to make sure you do.

The friendly staff
The friendly staff

7Bone Burger Co.is now open! You can check out their menu on their site, also listing drinks and even a brunch menu!



(Located on 110 Portswood Road – opposite The Gordon Arms Pub)

Find our interview with owner Richard here


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