First Cut Art Exhibtion Opens in Southampton


On Friday, the First Cut: Paper at the Cutting edge touring art exhibition, and follow up to the Sea City Museum’s highly successful Titanic 100 years celebration, began it’s four month stop in Southampton.

I only became aware of the exhibition as I was contacted by one of the contributing artists, but venturing into the city centre saw the result of a massive marketing campaign. Billboards, bus shelters and street signs all marked the path to the museum with images of one of the main attractions; Justine Smith’s American dollar revolver.

The Judge 2010, Justine Smith

The theme that combines all 30 artists featured is creating art out of paper. Paper is their canvas, a means through which they sculpt meaning and expression. Some artists have contributed revolutionary, challenging and inspirational pieces whereas other have taken the paper theme as an excuse to submit works worthy of a primary school class.

Amongst my favourite pieces are Yuken Teruya’s ‘Notice Forest’. It is essentially a collection of paper bags carefully cut to create small paper trees. I had seen more from the project at the Saatchi and I’m pleased it’s now shared in Southampton. The use of colour from logos and text on the bags gives each diorama a unique feel.


In real life Justine Smith’s gun looks so solid and perfect I found it hard to believe there wasn’t a real gun inside, also of note were Su Blackwell’s ‘Wuthering Heights’, a stop animation by Anderson M Studio, and works by Peter Callesen (who I have previously blogged about).

Sarah Brigland creates something that look a bit like a 3-dimensional comic with text and symbols exploding off the wall.


The photos don’t really do the art justice, so I recommend a visit. Adults are £5 and concessions can enter for £3.50! Click here for opening times.


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