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Meet Sokol and Tammy Sula, and their surrogate children, Portswood’s new and friendly Greek-English family. You can find them at 116a, Portswood Road, nestled between Innervision Hair and Beauty and well-known landmark, the Halal Meat Centre. “Hold on just a minute there, isn’t that a sandwich shop?!” I hear you cry. No no, my friends – alas, the sandwich shop is no more. Let us take a moment of silence please as we remember the former sandwich and eatery that was… before donning our swimming gear and taking a Mediterranean splash in the new and upcoming Sula’s sea of exotic foods!

cafe opening

Sula’s opened in July of this year and has been welcomed with open arms to Portswood! Think Greece meets Cyprus meets little England as Sula’s cooks up a taste of explosions like you’ve never experienced before… unless you’ve been to Kavos too, where their sweet, marinated  chicken gyros will bring those hazy, fond memories flooding back. And if your feet have never been fortunate enough to walk the length of the slice of Heaven that is the Kavos Strip, and you therefore have no idea what Greek food is really all about, never fear! Make a little room for Sokol at your table and he’s going to tell you all you need to know.

You’ve got your classic pork or chicken gyros, a.k.a. wraps in England, cooked on a griddle to keep those succulent tasty flavours, drizzled with Sula’s “secret sauce which you’ll be wanting to get your hands on to pour over EVERYTHING YOU EAT FOREVERMORE. You’ve also got your Loukanika sausage, made with only the best parts of the meat. For vegetarians, Sula’s serves you up a Greek salad, of the freshest vegetables and authentic sheep’s milk feta, and your very own gyros, filled with the cheesey goodness and not-eaten-enough-in-my-humble-opinion, Halloumi. Sokol recommended we try the Mezze 2 meal deal, and I agreed, because Sokol is a beautiful man (yep, I’m definitely gonna say that), and you will of course do what he says. I am not ashamed, as it means I got to try their perfect pitta-garlic bread hybrid that is drizzled in the most fragrantly divine olive oil, brought to you all the way from Sokol and Tammy’s very own olive groves. And if you’ve still got room after all that, treat yourself to a sweet, sweet kantaifi- a baked nutty, syrupy, sugary Greek pastry of happiness.

Sula’s is currently open from 8am ‘til 11pm most days, and from 10.30am on Sundays for an all-important fry-up hangover cure.  Prices start at a modest £3.95 for a chicken gyros, so that everyone can enjoy the feat of trying to eat those beastly wraps without a knife and fork (gyros challenge anyone?!).  And the best part about Sula’s? People come, and they just keep on coming back. So if you’re not there right now for your first, second, third, fourth, fifth (etc. etc.) gyros, well then I don’t know what else you could possibly be doing with your time.

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