Diary of a Lazy Bum


This new series is so aptly named because I am indeed the world’s laziest bum when it comes to physical activity. Nothing comes in the way of my laziness. Not my frugality, not my hunger, nothing. I’m the person who would get the bus to the corner shop. I’m the person who would order a takeaway to the room next door just to avoid getting up and going to the kitchen a few feet away.

I even, on one of my escapades through dictionary.com, found the perfect word to describe my life thus far:

“Vegetation (n) : a dull existence; a life devoid of social and mental activity”

Never have I seen a phrase that has captured my first year so accurately. I went to all of 5 socials last year and missed chunks of lectures because, for want of a better excuse, I just could not be bothered to get out of bed. So when I call myself a lazy bum, please believe I mean that in every sense of the word.

But this year, I’ve decided to turn my life around. Like a reformed druggie with a second chance at life, I’ve decided to take yet another plunge into the world of physical activity. I’m on a course studying health and with every lecture, I’m starting to realise that what we do to our bodies now could hurt or harm us in the future. While we’re young and virile, we stuff our faces with McDs and laugh when people suggest things like hiking and morning runs, but guess what? All that stuff catches up to you. All those gym sessions you sacrificed for a lie-in and those burgers and kebabs you stuffed down your face after a drunken night out could result in you ending up in a doctor’s office being told you have some heart problem or joint problem or lung problem that could very well leave you unable to live the go-getter life you once sought. Yes people, its that real.

So I’m swopping my bedroom slippers for trainers and treating my body like the temple it is. I won’t go down the intense workout route as that has never worked for me but I will look for ways to make exercise fun and relaxing (don’t look so shocked. It can be). Sports teams, fitness classes, smoothies, runs, you name it, I’ll try it. And I will document every drop of blood, sweat and tears just for your entertainment. And maybe even inspiration.

So look out for my posts and share your thoughts as I attempt to turn this mass of jelly into a body of a god that is not buddha.


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