Southampton: The “Fruitiest” Uni?


Southampton are part of national competition, run by up-and-coming clothing brand QCumber, to become the “fruitiest” university in the country.

 Fruitiest uni 2

 QCumber Clothing is a new brand that cements fruit and vegetables onto the fashion map. The first seed of Qcumber Clothing was planted in a student apartment in Oxford after a food fight that left a ‘delicious and perfect’ imprint on a white jumper. The result was a collection of scrumptious and unique printed jumpers set up by students for students. After which, the company grew from stall sales to an online clothing brand consisting of soft, warm and inedible jumpers, fruity t-shirts, refreshing shorts, and ‘frubies’ – a unique and innovative design for a woolly hat.

Qcumber clothing is designed for every season of the year and, right now, it is perfect for those cold winter months that are approaching.

To vote for Southampton in this competition, go to the competition website here and vote FRUITY for Southampton!

In addition, over the next couple of months QCumber are spreading their fruity love around Southampton. They are chopping the prices significantly for us lot so head to the website here, put your fruity goodies in your basket and, when checking out, put in the code SOUTH1 for a mouth-watering 20% discount.

Fruitiest uni 1

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