Diary of a Lazy Bum #2


The second instalment of the lazy bum is here! And I bet you’re all expecting me to have a Serena Williams body by now, right?

Well I have to say, I am as disappointed as you are, because after whole week of daily abs workouts and fitness classes, I am still haunted by the same flab that pushed me onto this health run in the first place. But after having consulted the almighty all-knowing internet, I now know that it takes a little more than a week of dedicated exercise and fruit-guzzling to achieve adonis status.

So what’s the one thing I’ve learnt? In the early stages, we exercise in faith. Forget scales –  they are full of deceit – calorie counting will only turn you into an obsessive-compulsive (or fill you with guilt as you scoff down that 500-calorie flapjack), and all those aches and pains you wake up with is just your body adjusting to this new level of activity (i.e. walking further than the bus stop).

So I continue on in faith. I must admit at this stage, that I haven’t been as dedicated to the cause as I should be. It has been a bit of a ‘slacker’s club’ around here, but I’m starting up again this week. I’ve stayed dedicated to my body conditioning classes, that I actually really enjoy: the instructor’s motivational, the group is large enough to have a cheeky little rest now and again and the workout playlist is impressive. It’s intense, but only for 45 mins, so before your body really starts crying out in pain, it’s all over. It’s a nice thing to start your Saturday mornings with and, even though you have to be quick on booking the Wednesday evenings, as they fill up quite quickly, it’s a nice way to end a weekday as well.

In terms of diet, I did cut out all sugary snacks and instead made myself little fruit bags from fruit I bought at the University market. Although the fruit is much juicier than anything you could get from big-name supermarkets, for some reason, all that fruit didn’t sit well with me and a lot of the time, left me keeled over in mild pain. So I’m cutting down on the fruit for now and simply reducing sugary snacks, in favour of full meals. We tend to pig out on junk food when we miss a meal (most often, breakfast), so hopefully, having three meals a day may help me cut down on the crisps and choccies.

That’s all for one week, but so far, so good. I’m looking to try spinning classes and possibly join a sports team, but we will see how that all goes and whether my frail little body can take it. And I will see you next week for an update on my journey to the adonis.


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