Diary of a Lazy Bum #3


It’s week 3 on my uphill trek to the ultimate bikini bod! And because I am such a thorough and well-prepared individual, I have only just thought to do some research on the best ways to get fit and shed those pounds. I’m pleased to report I have discovered more than a few interesting titbits, apart from the fact that womenshealthmag.com is a pretty good procrastination tool (Who knew?!)


Here are my most useful findings:

1. A lifestyle change is much better than a temporary fix

Okay, so you probably already knew this. But the best way to get fit and stay fit is to come up with a routine that works for you. Any weight you lose in a short term period will only come back once you return to your ‘see-food’ diet

2. Not all fat is bad fat

Yes, yes, it’s all this again. The HDLS vs the LDLs. The thigh fat vs the Belly fat. The plant oil vs the butter. The former are, of course, the ‘good fat’, and actually help protect against heart disease, but did you know where you can find some of this ‘good fat’? Nuts, olives, avocados and fish, such as salmon and mackerel, are just a few of the fats that are really very good for you. So put down those Mars Bars and supersized Wotsits and get some nuts! (Pun intended).

3. Yoga is one of the best ways to keep in shape

I know right? When you see it on TV, it just looks like someone warming up for an extremely dull sport, or bed. But all those moves are a lot harder than you think and give you a full body workout. And after just completing a 30 minute yoga workout myself, I can safely say I’ve never been so tired in my whole life. Adonis, here I come!

4. Exercise can be fun!

So we know exercise releases endorphins, but did you know that our body makes its very own opioids (yes, similar to the one in….oooh) and that they have been associated with activities like exercise, childbirth and orgasms. So much so that those who use enough of their own opioids may be addicted to their own supply, hence why people can tend to become addicted to exercise after a while, women keep on having children and errr… the last one needs no explanation.


So if the workout/sport you’re trying doesn’t give you a good ‘high’, maybe its time you found one you actually enjoy and is catered to your preference of physical activity (e.g. I like slow and steady movements, hence why I chose yoga and swimming). There is definitely something out there for everyone so now you have no excuse to get fit, be active and reach the shape you want!


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