Diary of a Lazy Bum #4


Welcome, my health gurus, to the latest edition of this series, where I document my slow but unrelenting journey to health, all for your viewing pleasure.


Firstly, to update you on the good news: I lost weight! I don’t have exact figures, as my mother assured me from a young age that all scales are like men: dirty liars. However, I went home over the weekend and received a big to-do from my family who have no idea about my recent lifestyle change, about how my thigh diameter has decreased (I believe my sister’s exact words were ‘I can see you have two legs now’) and how I look generally slimmer. So for those of you who doubted, this stuff really does work.

Now onto today’s topic: food. They say you are what you eat, but sometimes on a student’s budget and changing schedule, its hard to monitor what you stuff into your face just to get through the day (or maybe its only me that uses food as therapy). But apart from physical activity, diet is also an essential part of living a healthy life. So I thought I’d share some tips I found on how to live healthily as a student:

Plan your weekly shop

Though it’s taken from the words of a metro blogger, this is very useful information. Organisation at the beginning of the week, let’s say Sunday evening, can save you a lot of stress (and money) throughout the week. Pasta/rice/spaghetti make a good base for a meal and pretty much fill you up, so if you buy them in bulk then you can have them with stir fry veggies, cheese, meat, curry, pasta sauce etc etc. The list is endless. I would recommend a  recipe book but Google still works just as well and is free (students’ favourite word).

Don’t knock those veggies

Despite my lifelong misconception, vegetables are actually pretty easy to incorporate into your daily life. As a previous anti-veggie, I found it surprising how many meals you can get with some salad on the side and all the ways you can prepare them; grill, boil/steam, stir fry etc. Keep an open mind and be inventive. The market that opens up on the Concourse outside the Union Shop every Monday has some pretty weird and wacky vegetables that could spice up your mealtimes and may get you excited to cook! How about it? Why not try experimenting*?

Three meals are better than one

When people are trying to lose weight, I hear them a lot of the time berating themselves for eating lunch or telling their stomach off for growling in lectures, because they didn’t have time for a quick porridge in the morning. But eating all three meals is actually better for you, because it means you snack less during the day; you have energy to, you know, live and function and, if you do regular exercise, you’ll most likely burn off those calories anyway.

But if you must snack, try nuts, fruit and things like bombay mix instead of those sugary chocolate bars and crisps that just scream out ‘type 2 diabetes’ as they go through your fat-enclosed system.

So don’t lose hope, soldier. It’s not as hard as you think to alter your diet. Look out for deals in supermarkets and try and cook in bulk. Freeze the food if you can, and before you know it, you’ll be writing Martha-Stewart-style recipe books for those less enlightened.


*Should point out, I mean experimenting with vegetables not….the other thing.


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    How big are you?? I looked you up on Facebook and you look skinny to me…

    Konyin Aromolaran

    I don’t think you have to be obese to want to lose weight. Plus its more about me leading an active and healthy lifestyle and toning up than being skinny. Thanks though

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