Study tips for the Christmas Hols!


I know, I know. After packing up your books for the semester, enjoying your christmas meal with uni mates and waving a sweet goodbye to Southampton, studying is the last thing you want to hear about. But nonetheless, we cannot deny that hiding behind that diabetic Santa Claus and oversized christmas tree, is that pesky killjoy: exam season.

So I thought I’d make it a little easier on you and hand out a few hints on how to not waste a second of this break and how, despite how much your Nan wants you to try her new plum sauce recipe, not to get sidetracked from reaching that ever elusive first class!


And in true ‘Grinch’ fashion, I’m going to try my best to deliver it to you in rhyme. Hey, whoever said Wessex Scene ain’t cheery, huh?

1. Go to your local library

        Sure it  has awkward opening times

        And the librarians are scary and old

        But studying straight from 9-5

       Is more productive than “working” in a festive household.


2. Assign time for family and friends

     Yes, the key to it all is balance

     Pencil in time for Uncle Ben and Aunt Sue

     Leaving enough gaps in your timetable will be a challenge

     But not as much as if you miss Anne’s christmas do.


3. Assign rooms for different subjects and activities

         Yes, it is a proven fact

        That we can use locations to activate our brains

        So use the bedroom for study, the sitting room for a chat

        And the study for that new Xbox game.


4. Make (colourful) posters

       A mundane, but fun activity

      You can complete in any amount of noise

      But stick it on your wall and before you sleep

      Try to memorise every fact, figure and bullet point.


5. Have a clear and comprehensive study plan

          Once you know exactly what you have to do

           And the fear hasn’t crippled your bones

           Get down to work, with breaks every hour or two



Have fun studying! Let me know how it goes.


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