Christmas for your skin!


Christmas is coming, and so is that harsh cold weather. This season requires you to pay special attention to your skin so here are some tips to make sure you don’t end up looking and feeling like a snowman!


Do this in the morning and before you go to bed to make sure you don’t get dry skin. To get the best results do this after washing your face. If you want a healthy glow, go for a tinted moisturiser during the day. In fact, you can just mix an equal amount of your foundation with your face cream and voilà! You’ve made your own.

Tinted moisturiser

Drink ….water that is!

When you do go out in the winter you will most probably be dehydrated from alcohol, but on top of that the harsh weather will dry your skin out. By drinking 2 litres of water a day, you will stay rehydrated and your skin will thank you.


This is an essential; carry it everywhere. You can use it to protect dry patches of skin and apply it to your lips. However, a word of warning: don’t use too much of it on your face as it will block your pores and could cause blackheads.

Vaseline continued…

Girls, you know that piece of lipstick that is stuck at the bottom of the tube and is beyond useless? Well, that can certainly be reused and there is an economical way of doing it.

Firstly, buy a little plastic pot (all drug stores should sell them), then put in a little bit of Vaseline and scoop out the remainder of your lipstick. For the perfect lip balm, mix them both in the pot until completely combined (you don’t want a lumpy lip balm).

Vaseline lip  balm


To keep your skin smooth it is a necessity to exfoliate. It is important to exfoliate dry patches e.g. on your face, knees/elbows, in the winter. You can make your own with honey and sugar. Also, try it as a lip scrub! (Although you might end up eating it).

Olive Oil

We all know that saying ‘you are what you eat’ and, while I’m not suggesting you become Popeye’s wife, by adding some olive oil to your meals you are doing your skin a massive favour. Once this is incorporated in your diet it will make your skin smoother and glowing.

Look after your hands

As it gets colder you will hopefully start wearing gloves, but if you forget you need to protect your hands.  Firstly, buy some washing up gloves so that washing up water doesn’t dry your hands out. Additionally, it is a good idea to carry around some hand cream to apply after washing your dishes or coming out of the cold.

Following these simple steps will make your skin feel smooth, protected and look as good in the winter as it did in the summer!


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