Top 12 Rom-Coms for That Perfect Valentines Date!


It’s that time of year again! The day that splits opinions so much that it could be a political party. Whether you intend to celebrate it or not (or should I say if you’re fortunate or not), I’ve put together a top 12 rom-com list to help you on your way with that perfect Valentines evening. After a candlelit Sainsbury’s dinner in your student accommodation, put your feet up by the fire with your loved one (or turn up the thermostat), pour a glass of wine and relax in front of these perfect mood setters…

Image by Anna Stachtiaris.
Image by Anna Stachtiaris.

1. Valentines Day

Created entirely for this day and actually pretty good! With an all star cast this one is great for the boys as well, so no complaining to your girlfriend at the sight of ‘yet another rom-com‘! Not forgetting that the star studded cast is quite easy on the eye.. the first scene consists of Ashton Kutcher and Jessica Alba, more than enough to grab your attention!

2. Ghost

Another favourite from the 80’s amongst us ‘rom-commers’ and still very popular to this day. This is a brilliant film which brings tears of laughter and sadness all in under two hours. Patrick Swayze (who still manages to squeeze in a small dance section) plays a man who gets shot and tries to communicate with his wife when he is a ghost. Not as scary as it sounds, but beautifully romantic.

3. The Vow

A brilliant film about a girl who loses her memory completely, causing her to forget she even married her husband.  A tragic, yet heartwarming story starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams- this one needs pairing with a box of tissues.

4. Leap Year

This is a great, traditional Irish film about a rich American girl who finds herself in Ireland proposing to her husband on the leap day, but it doesn’t go as smoothly as she might have intended! Quirky and hilarious, this one is sure to give you the right entertainment for an evening in.

5. Dear John

This is a beautifully made film, again starring Channing Tatum.. (recurring theme perhaps?) about a guy who goes off to war and keeps in touch with his loved one (Amanda Seyfreid) through tear-jerking letters as he fights for survival. Again, this is one to prepare a box of tissues for.

6. Remember Me

This film is very different to all the others as it is quite hard-hitting , so not your typical romcom but I still think it deserves a place in the list. Starring none other than Robert Pattinson playing a character far from his blood-sucking role, this film is a winner in my eyes.

7. The Notebook

This being on the list was inevitable and if you haven’t seen it then you must! Set in the 50’s, this is a great love story of boy meets girl and is beautifully presented. Although cheesey at times, this is a lovely and romantic film starring Rachel McAdams and..*Drum roll please* Ryan Gosling (and breathe.)

8. Pretty Woman

Another classic featuring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, where a prostitute ends up falling in love with her ‘client.’ Not as risqué as it sounds and actually rather moving, full of surprises and moments you can relate to- one to watch, folks.

9. Bridget Jones’s Diary

A classic British take on the girl who is never successful with men and her painful journey to become successful in this department, one to emphasise with. The perfect romcom if you’re up for a laugh more than a cry!

10. Definitely, Maybe

This one appeared on the list because it stars Ryan Reynolds! A great film about his daughter who asks about her mother’s identity one night. With heart-warming flashbacks and hilarious date scenes, this little-known film is the perfect flick to flick on.

11. Love Actually

Although many people might consider this a Christmas film, I still believe this deserves a place on the list as it is a film purely about love. With an all-star cast and as British as a good Sunday Roast, this film is sure to set you off for a great evening.

12. Crazy, Stupid Love

Just what it says on the tin, yet still a heartwarming film with Ryan Gosling again! This film is hilarious and relatively new, yet ticks all the boxes for Valentines night!

So there you have it! The top 12 list for that perfect Valentines date and if you can’t choose just one, try and squeeze a few into one evening –  that means more cuddling time…


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