Valentine’s Day for All!


For the past few weeks in the run up to today, there have been many magazine articles and Facebook posts telling us what to do for Valentine’s day, what presents to get, what to avoid and most of all, how heart crushingly miserable this holiday has to be for those who are not in a relationship.

Well, I’m going against the grain and taking back Valentine’s day. I truly believe this holiday is for everyone, young and old, ‘single’ or ‘complicated’, dieting or overeating. There is no rulebook that says it must involve chocolate, flowers and an expensive dinner. There are many ways to celebrate this day of love, and many, many forms of love to celebrate. Here are just a few ideas:

 Girly sleepover

Celebrate your love for your girls with romcoms, marshmallows and funny first date stories.


Celebrate your love for life and insane levels of intoxication by going out on the town. You never know, you might pick up someone, or something. Lovely.

Homecooked meal with chocolate fountain dessert

Cook for your partner, your family or even your dog. Point is, you get to eat! And with a flowing river for chocolate waiting for you to drown any sorrows, how can you resist?

Hand out hearts

Sometimes we have too many loved ones to contain them all in one sitting, so why not cut out hearts from red card , with the name of a loved one on it and one thing you love about them inside? Instant bond building and ‘Awww’ moments galore.

 Do a charitable deed

What better way to celebrate the day of love by showing love to those less fortunate? Now I know there isn’t a soup kitchen on every corner, but something as simple as donating clothes to charity or buying food for that homeless man you always walk past could fill you with more love than a million Bridget Jones’ sequels.

Do nothing!

Because hey, who says Valentine’s day has to celebrated at all?! Go about your day, try to shuffle around kissing couples and hug your warm pillow at night, which has always and will always be there for you.


Happy Valentine’s day!


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