Makeup Trends for Spring 2014!


Spring is the season to brighten up your makeup bag so here are the latest trends, along with some tips on how you can use them. 

Orange Lipstick

Bright orange lipstick has been spotted on the runway and in the media. Although this colour may seem to clash with outfits and complexions, different shades can be achieved through mixing. Bright and punchy shades of orange suit olive and darker skin tones. A softer orange with yellow undertones would suit pale skin tones.  If you are particularly conscious about wearing orange or it is the first time you have done so, the best thing to do is buy it in the form of a balm or lip gloss.

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Electric Blue

Whether you prefer eyeliner or eye shadow, blue is great for brightening the skin and can help bring out your eye colour by drawing attention to them.  Blue is works well when blended and both matte and shimmer shadows look great.  Drug stores like Boots or Superdrug will sell effective and affordable liners and shadows. However, if you are not a fan of bright blue, a sapphire shade will work. It is not recommended that you wear blue eye makeup and orange lips together, as the focal point of your face will be unclear and it certain shades could clash.

White Liner

Rather than going for your conventional black eyeliner, white liner should become your next port of call. White is light-reflecting and eye-opening.  Like black, white is compatible with many complexions, but if you cannot let go of your black liner there is a solution. The great thing about white and black is that they look chic together. You can draw on liquid or pencil liner and put white liner on top.

Black and White Liner
Black and White Liner

Golden Glow

Although the warm weather is yet to make a grand entrance, a golden complexion is coming back into fashion. After the drab cold winter weather, it is time to bring a summer glow back to your face. As it isn’t the peak of summer, the use of bronzer for everyday wear should be subtle. Less is more, and a little bronzer can go a long way!


If you do like bright lipsticks or want to try the orange lips look, pastels will be useful. Pastels are suitable for blending or to simply wear with some eye liner. Lilac, specifically, is becoming more popular this season. If you try the white liner, it can be blended with pastel shadow. The look is very delicate and will open up your eyes perfectly!

When experimenting with makeup, the best way to decide whether the product is for you is to go a makeup counter and try on the tester. Alternatively, you can purchase a reasonably priced product before deciding to buy a designer brand.


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