5 Ridiculous, Must-Try Food Challenges in Southampton


Do you revere Youtube star/eating champion Furious Pete? Consider yourself the next Adam Richman? Or simply possess an appetite prodigious enough to compete in stomach-centric sports?

Well, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. From behemoth burritos to bulky burgers, these five food challenges, all based in Southampton, aren’t for the faint-hearted. Proceed with caution, or at least a bib.

1) Challenge Burger – Orange Rooms

Orange Rooms, a popular club-cum-restaurant plays host to the Gourmet Challenge Burger, available to try out 7 days a week between noon and 8pm. According to their website, ‘many have tried, most have failed, can you beat the meat?’

Credit: Orange Rooms website.
Credit: Orange Rooms website.

The meal consists of two hefty 8oz beef patties stacked beneath a layer of chicken strippers, onion rings, nachos, and crispy bacon before being topped off with melted mozzarella cheese, BBQ beans and salad. Two buns hold the whopper together and you’re also expected to eat side helpings of both regular and sweet potato fries. Competitors must finish the burger in one sitting, or under an hour, and if you emerge victorious, you win a limited edition ‘I BEAT THE MEAT’ t-shirt.

Location: 1-2, Vernon Walk, SO15 2EJ.
Price: £14.95. Expensive, but you get your money’s worth.

2) Buzz’s Big One – Buzz’s Diner

Weighing in at almost 2kg and standing at 25cm high, this burger is basically the same size as a small chihuahua.

Credit: Buzz's Diner.
Credit: Buzz’s Diner.

Not only does the burger have a 48oz patty, but it comes stacked with half a pound of cheese, a portion of mushrooms, four fried eggs and eight slices of bacon. Finally, the mammoth meal includes a kilogram of chips as well as a portion of coleslaw, and must be devoured in under 35 minutes.

To put this in perspective, imagine stacking three average-sized Oxford English Dictionaries on top of one another and carrying them around in your stomach. That’s how it’ll feel if you manage to get through Buzz’s Big One. The good news is that if you finish, you get the whole thing free! But unsurprisingly, no one has succeeded… yet…

Location: 170, Southampton High Street, SO14 2BY.
Price: £26.95. Not student-friendly, but free if you finish.

3) Badass Burrito Challenge – Mexigo

The premise couldn’t be simpler – eat this blooming big burrito, win yourself a ‘Badass Munchin’ Funker’ t-shirt, get your name on their wall of fame, and enter food challenge history.

Credit: Mexigo.
Credit: Mexigo.

Sounds easy, right? Think again. At 30 inches, this particular burrito is actually recommended to share between 4 to 6 people. But if you’re ‘lard enough’, or just plain crazy, choose between a filling of either chicken, chilli beef, or shredded beef/pork and tuck into this monster yourself. Just make sure to give Mexigo at least 4 hours notice, helping them to physically prepare the burrito while giving you time to mentally prepare yourself.

Location: 40, London Road, SO15 2AG.
Price: £27.95. 

4) Flaming Hot Chilli – The Bedes Lea 

Founded at the Bedes Lea, a pub situated between Southampton and Romsey, this challenge takes direct inspiration from American hit TV show Man vs. Food. But it’s more about quality than quantity, and unlike the others, it’s main obstacle is the spice. Worryingly, there are no pictures of the dish itself; but according to its Facebook page, you just have to finish off a bowl of seriously hot chilli.

However, you only get 20 minutes, you’re not allowed to drink milk, and you can’t leave the table. Yet the rewards are great. Not only do you get the meal free, but you receive four free pints of lager and your photo pinned to the wall of fame. Losers will have to pay and to rub salt in the wound, your face is doomed to the wall of shame instead. Entry to the challenge is 6pm until 8pm every Tuesday.

Location: 112, Rownhams Lane, SO52 9LX.
Price: £7.95.

5) The Torch – Sprinkles Gelato

sprinkles cone

From the blisteringly hot to the achingly cool, we now come to a heavy-duty dessert challenge, located in everyone’s favourite ice-cream parlour.

The Torch challenge in Sprinkles states that diners have to eat ten scoops of ice-cream, served in one colossal cone or one gigantic glass, in ten minutes. Even looking at the thing might give you Type 2 diabetes. But if you’ve got a massive sweet tooth and/or immunity to brain-freeze, then this challenge is for you.

Location: 160, Portswood Road, SO17 2NJ.
Price: £12-15.


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    Can anyone confirm reports of a similar challenge of monstrous proportions at 7-Bone?
    I’ve noticed the occasional proper pile of food being brought out to thick necked rugby boys who then seem to be attempting to consume said piles solo.

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