The Importance of Being Early


Those who read my online series ‘Diary of a Lazy Bum’ may have guessed that I have a tendency to be kind of slothful about life in general. In fact, I really do believe I could win awards for my laziness (but obviously wouldn’t get out of bed to go and collect them). However, since the end of my first year when I signed up to be an editor for the Wessex Scene, I have been trying to change that. I’ve been working hard to discover the secret to an eventful and productive life. After reading a bunch of self-help books, biographies and watching a dozen TED talks, I think I have found one thing that all successful people have in common: ‘They go to bed on time’ Now I know you may be thinking that I’m some kind of spy sent by your Mum to make sure you’re sticking to the 10pm bedtime she recommended, but really she’s kind of right (as always). To illustrate this, I will now lay out two examples of a successful day and an unsuccessful day and leave you to spot the difference:

  • 22:00 Get ready for bed. Write quick to do list for next day. Sleep
  • 06:00 Wake up feeling refreshed. Morning workout. Shower. Eat Breakfast. Review to-do list
  • 08:00 Attend meetings/lectures OR catch up on work/applications
  • 13:00 Power nap if needed. Eat lunch prepared night before
  • 18:00 Retire home. Dinner. Prepare for next day. Evening work/workout
  • 22:00 Repeat


  • 22:00 Go clubbing. Stumble in at 3am
  • 09:00 Wake up late and hungover. Quick shower. Run for bus
  • 10:00 Stroll in late to lectures/day activities completely unprepared. Fall asleep
  • 13:00 Buy expensive lunch because you had no time to prepare lunch night before
  • 18:00 Arrive home completely drained. After dinner, consider an early night until phone rings…
  • 22:00 You up for Jesters tonight?’  you just can’t resist

The time you go to bed really does dictate the success of the next day. Poor sleeping patterns can start a vicious cycle that mess up your body chemistry and take ages to fix. (That’s why night shifts also mess with your health and/or sanity). Also there’s the general ‘early bird catches the worm’ rule. You’re more likely to have a job out of university if you get internships and job applications in early. Planning and punctuality are the two secret keys to success. I’m not saying you shouldn’t let your hair down once in a while but consider the impact it will have on the following day and you know, maybe even the rest of your life. So give your bank account and your body the love they deserve. I know you only live once, but why not… live well?


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