Don’t Skip Breakfast, Skip It Off!


It took me all of a week to realise that my new ‘diet’ was never going to work. Skinny portions, no carbs and certainly no puddings would have been the ruin of my life. I am a food lover and so it wasn’t long before I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t be one of those salad-eating, calorie-counting gym fanatics.I looked for alternatives.

There's more to losing pounds than dieting!
There’s more to losing pounds than dieting!

I’m a big fan of walking and other moderate aerobic exercises like a casual cycle but, subconsciously, tend to live by the motto: “If it hurts, stop!” Adhering to this means that I’m pretty useless at long runs or hills on a bike.

I ditched the diet and all my glorious hopes to exercise for an hour a day and simply made my life more healthy with the resolve to do more exercise.

I often find myself buying all sorts of sporting gear that I used to use as a child; hula hoops, roller skates and, most recently, a skipping rope. I powered up Google, typed in ‘skipping rope workout’ and was flooded with numerous articles named; ‘Melt Fat Fast!’ and ‘Why skipping is the best exercise for your body’.  It sounded like a good shout.

Skipping reportedly burned somewhere in the region of 70-163 calories for every 10 minute workout – depending on the source of your information – and is as beneficial to your body as a mile run completed in 8 minutes ( If just 10 minutes in the morning can do that, imagine what repeated doses could do?!

Other health benefits include; improved flexibility, better coordination and balance and a workout that isn’t concentrated on one part of your body but in all sections.

What?! I want to try! 

Well, you’re in luck because there are several workouts that seem to produce a unanimous result in blasting fat.

This workout consists of 10 minutes made up of 30 seconds. That’s 30 seconds moderate intensity workout followed by 30 seconds of high intensity work.

Keep it simple ...
Keep it simple …

The routine starts with a simple march for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of normal to fast skipping. Each 30 second skip is the followed by a march on the spot and, for advanced skippers, jogging on the spot for 30 seconds.

This is repeated to make up the 10 minutes.

This skip is the alternative.

Working in 30 second blocks again, for 10 minutes change your footwork on the skip between a regular up and down motion, to a right to left motion. Then try a back to front one, crossed to uncrossed legs version and then jumping jacks (keeping your legs together on one bounce and apart on the next).

Try jumping left to right
… Or make it fancy!









Each workout can be repeated as many times as is required but take caution with strenuous exercise.

This workout is said to produce incredible results for the body so why not give it a go if you can spare 10 minutes in your day. You can’t go far wrong!


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