The Ultimate Get-Over-A-Guy Guide


From relationships to flirtationships, look no further for the best remedies to get over those break-up blues.

1. Cry!

Before this process starts, a good cry is definitely needed. Don’t be afraid to sit in your room with the door locked, eating out of a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream tub, listening to Adele. Wallowing in your own self-pity is perfectly acceptable sometimes – by holding it in, you’re never going to move on!

2. Cut off all contact

We’re all guilty of the cheeky stalk. But in the context of a post break-up, refrain from checking his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat story (or checking whether he’s viewed your story – come on, we all do it). You don’t want to know about his lad’s night out, or see photos his girl course mate has tagged him in. This is purely self-inflicting pain! Cut him off.

3. Girl time

Girl chats into the hours of the morning will not only give you a chance to vent about your feelings, but will also help to distract you from thinking about them and make you appreciate your girlfriends that much more. Go out, cook a huge dinner together, organise a pamper session with face masks and cucumbers. And depending on the seriousness of the break up, take a weekend trip! I’ve heard there are quite a few surfer guys down in Bournemouth…

4. RomComs

You will either relate to them and find yourself back in phase 1, or realise that the guy who messed you around is just one stepping stone to finding your Ryan Gosling. Best done accompanied by chocolate and wine and, of course, your girlfriends.

5. Shopping spree

Because why would you not want some retail therapy? Who needs cuddles and kisses when you can have shoes and dresses. Make the most of your student discount, hit the shops and buy a jaw-dropping outfit for your next night out.

6. Do something physical

Go to the gym, join a dance class or take up a new sport. Channel your anger and emotions and use them as fuel to get over him. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet a hot gym-goer at the same time…

7. Make a playlist

Music is the cure to everything. Make yourself a girl power playlist, complete with Beyoncé, JoJo and Aretha Franklin. Don’t be afraid to play this on full volume whilst prancing around your room, singing into a hairbrush. Sometimes, it’s just got to be done.

8. And when you’re ready, date…

What better way to get over someone than to get yourself back out there and meeting someone else?! There are plenty more fish in the sea, so don’t settle for a shark.

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