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As technology has developed, there’s been a huge boom in mobile phone applications. There are now apps for everything, from social media, gaming, online shopping to the down right weird like ‘Demotivational Pics’ – an app that literally just shows you pictures to keep your motivation down, and ‘Places I’ve Pooped’ (the name says it all with that one); but one of the biggest thing that drives people towards the App Store is the demand for health and fitness apps. Things like Map My Run and Nike Training have become the norm for sports junkies, and are starting to revolutionise the way you work out. With such a competitive market, there are now tonnes of incredible fitness apps you can get for free.

So if you don’t want to spend a hefty chunk of your student loan on a gym membership, or just want something to keep fit whilst you’re traveling, these are three of the best health and fitness apps available.

Nike Run

This one’s a bit like an addictive mobile phone game. It tracks exactly how fast you ran, showing you where you sped up and where your fastest mile was, and then compares it to all your previous runs (and if you connect to them, all your friends). You can collect trophies for certain things – like running three times a week – which get added to your trophy cabinet, and they let you know when you beat your personal bests. This is one of the best running apps out there, especially if you’re just starting out, as it’ll make you push yourself. Another great free alternative is Strava Cyling and Running.


A food tracker that’s not all about the calories, MyFitnessPal lets you record each meal, and as well as letting you know how many calories you’ve eaten – it also keeps tabs of how many vitamins, iron, fibre, sugar and so on you’ve ingested per day. It lets you know if you need more of something in your diet, which gives you the chance to amend your food accordingly.


30-Day Push Ups

There are loads of these – but the Jozic Productions one is especially good. A free 30-day workout plan, each day they list the exercises you need to do, and day by day they increase the amount of push-ups you do so you can gradually get stronger. There are alternative versions like ’30-Day Abs’ and ’30-Day Squats’ all of which follow the same formula. These are especially good if you don’t have time to hit the gym, or want to target a certain part of your body to tone up.

Have you used any of these apps? Do you have any others to recommend?


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