2015 Grad Ball Fashion Fix: Dresses Through the Ages


This year, SUSU will be taking graduates back through the decades with their very own Graduation Ball time machine. Those attending will be thrown back to the swinging 60s, moving into the 70s hippie and disco vibe, rocking their way through the 80s and 90s until eventually finding themselves entering the present day through the 00s. Embrace the music by breaking away from modern outfits and dare to follow these early decade style tips.
60s: Girl Next Door

Topshop, £65
The Sixties saw a reinvention of style where the young and carefree dictated fashion trends. Gone were the lengthy dresses of the 50s and in came the ever popular mini skirt. Short dresses dominated the scene in A-line shapes and girly, sleeveless shifts. Throughout this decade, the mini skirt ruled the fashion world and can Sixtie-fy your Grad Ball evening. Channel your inner Twiggy and embrace this style with a pair of tall boots and tonnes of mascara. Play it safe and opt for a block coloured box-shaped shift dress, like this one from Topshop, or opt for a late 60s hippie inspired dress, decorated with some crazy paisley patterns.
70s: Groovy Baby

ASOS, £28
The Seventies saw a more daring and outrageous spin on the 60s dress, yet, to this day, it is seen as one of the most iconic fashion decades and is currently a hot trend this season. Continuing on from the late 60s, the early 70s embraced the hippie look, incorporating paisley patterns, floral designs and bright colours, forever defining the ‘flower power’ statement. When dressing 70s, don’t be afraid to refer back to the ever famous Austin Powers to really grasp the hippie style with flares, fringing and funky patterns. ASOS have a great selection of dresses, especially in their ‘That Seventies Show’ section, like this off-the-shoulder paisley print dress. Grab a headband and some crazy round sunglasses and you’re ready to go. Groovy baby!
80s: Don the Madonna

River Island, £25
The Eighties will bring you a wide choice of outfits to steal the show at the Grad Ball. Keep to the early decade style and create a disco-inspired outfit with tight and bright leggings, a spandex leotard and leg-warmers. If the aerobic attire doesn’t quite fit your ideal Oceana-appropriate outfit, then channel your inner Madonna rock-chick. Famous in fashion during this period, Madonna changed style forever by daringly wearing lingerie as outerwear, as well as fingerless lace gloves, layers of beads and fishnets. Grab yourself a lace bralet, and team it with a black A-line skirt, a huge bow in your hair and some crucifix earrings. If you’re feeling daring, why not give the gloves and beads a go, nothing says 80’s more!
Whether you dare to be different and embrace an earlier decade style, or decide to stick to what you know with 90’s and 00’s fashions, the Grad Ball is set to be a fantastic night. Don’t forget your Student ID to grab a bargain on a show stopping outfit for the biggest night of the year!

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