Interview with : Blogger Becky Bedbug


I caught up with blogger Becky Bedbug about music, style and the city of Southampton!

How and when did you first get into blogging?
I first started blogging way back in 2002 when I started up a Diaryland journal. Over the years, my blogging switched over to MySpace, Tumblr and eventually I started creating blogs on Blogger and WordPress. I couldn’t even count the number I’ve had but it was only when I started Becky Bedbug in December 2011 that I finally found something to stick with.
What is your proudest ‘blogging moment’ or favourite ‘blogging experience’ so far?
There are so many things that have made me proud that I couldn’t possibly choose one. Reaching 1000 followers was a really big deal for me at the time, as was the first time a “big blogger” contacted me. I’ve also had some really amazing experiences like being invited to a preview of the Warner Bros Studio Tour Platform 9 3/4 expansion. Most of all, I think I’m just proud of how committed I’ve been!
Where would you like to take your blog in the future?
I really want to keep developing and keep pushing. I had an epiphany at the start of the year that I’m not really giving my readers any added value so this year I’m working on being more helpful and a more productive member of the blogging community.
What inspires your style and where do you find inspiration? 
I can get inspiration from anywhere. Right now I’m all about kitschy early-90s children’s icons: My wardrobe is made up of My Little Pony and teddy bear prints, not to mention my amazing Sooty top! I tend to take trends but try to make them a bit more fun. I could never get away with being one of those uber-cool, super-serious sunglasses-and-floppy-hat types!
What would be your ideal day out in London?
At the moment, I have a list of really quirky places to visit in London so I’d knock one of those off. I love morbid pathological museums like St Bart’s or the Hunterian. For lunch, I’d stop off for tea at somewhere beautiful like Sketch or Ladurée, then end my day with some shopping at a vintage market. Perfect!
Do you have a favourite place in Southampton or on the South Coast? 
In my uni days, I was all about nights at The Dungeon! Now that I’m a little older, I much prefer to walk along the beaches. I once had great fun visiting Hythe and riding the little train along the pier, and I’m itching to visit Netley Abbey!
What’s  your favourite album? 
Deja Entendu by Brand New will forever be my favourite. The lyrics are just wonderful!
What’s the best gig you’ve been to? 
Oh man, this is taking me back! April 9th 2005- My Chemical Romance at (the now bulldozed) London Astoria. It was my very first gig, the first of what would be 17 times seeing MCR and it was pure magic for me. It makes me happy every time I think back to that night in such a missed, iconic venue.
Thank you Becky! 

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