Vogue Has Revealed Melissa McCarthy’s Debut Fashion Line


Actress, writer, producer and all-round funny woman Melissa McCarthy is rolling up her impeccable sleeves and delving into the world of fashion designing.

The Bridesmaids actress, whose passion for style and design has been ripe since she was a child, is finally living her dream as she prepares to launch her debut fashion line.

The label, called Melissa McCarthy Seven7, won’t hit the shelves until 1st September, but thanks to Vogue.com, we can see a sneak peak of the highly anticipated collection right now.

Like it’s designer, it’s great.

The fun of it is you should be able to put these things together and not have to make a choice about going out to dinner or getting the sweater. Wear the sweater to dinner. I just wanted to do a basic closet that I couldn’t find.

That’s exactly what she’s created. McCarthy’s new line boasts a capsule wardrobe of dresses, denim, printed blouses and tailored separates. This truly is an everyday wardrobe with Melissa’s own unique point of difference.

The line will run from sizes four to 28 with each piece costing under $150. That’s about £97 pounds.

The downside to the collection? It is unclear as of yet how available this range will be to UK customers but if it’s as successful as we think it might be, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for it hitting our shores soon, too.

Pieces from the collection can be seen below:


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