The Skirt of the Season: A must buy.


I’m always trawling Primark and other budget clothes shops in the hope of finding a hidden BLACK gem of a piece that looks on trend, and high fashion – without blowing my student budget. For example, that denim button up A- Line skirt that everyone is wearing at the moment, two friends I know brought it for £30(ish) from various stores, whereas I brought it for exactly £10 from Primark, and honestly there is not a single stitch of difference. For me when something like that happens it’s a real ‘YES!’ moment that proves you can be bang on trend without splashing (too much) cash.

Thinking wisely about budget and classic pieces of clothing which are versatile an long lasting, hasn’t always come easily to me, but when I went into Zara the other day, I didn’t even have to think about it, this faux leather skirt hit me in the face with versatility and bargain(isity)? Faux leather 4eva!

Nude pinkZara’s very reasonable faux leather skirt comes in four colours: Bottle green; Yellow; Black and Nude Pink. All equally gorgeous. As much as I was tempted by the nude pink, I settled for the bottle green, knowing that I would have plenty of things to match it with. The best part about it? It’s £25.99! This skirt is a godsend for fashion conscious students! In this article I’m setting out to prove the skirt’s worth and show how I would style it for everyday lectures, or coffee breaks, as well as how I would style it for a night out, using the bottle green one I brought. (FYI I’m not a model in case you were wondering!!


Look 1: Casual off to uni look.

Everyday skirt

So for this I’ve styled the skirt with a chunky polo knit (also from Zara £25.99,) A pair of black Dune loafers and my Kin by John Lewis faux croc backpack. This is quite a simple autumnal look that is easy to achieve and very comfortable for everyday.







Look 2: Preppy

Preppy skirt

If your looking for a more preppy, cleaner type of look, I’ve just tucked in an old blouse that I have, but kept the loafers the same. A note about tights: sheer tights are the tights to have this A/W according to British Vogue – so get on that band wagon.

Look 3: Grunge/ Rock

Rock skirt

Okay so this photo is quite cringe because all leather is definitely NOT me! But if you can pull off this look, go for it! My sleeveless leather jacket (Topshop) goes everywhere with me and can be thrown on with anything. For a bit more day-2-night versatility,  try some heeled boots with your tights. This look is good for going out for a meal or drinks.

Look 4: Night time dress up.

Classy skirtGlam skirt


I’ve added the two looks here, because they both fall under the “night time” header. Pair the skirt with a simple off the shoulder black top for a more elegant and classy look. Or I also put it with a sparkly grey/silver top for a more young and glamorous look. Accessorising is also important, with both these looks I wore a Primark gold and black geometrical pattern necklace and some gold ( hoops. So then all you need to do is whack on a pair of black peep toe block heels and a clutch and you’re ready to go!

The skirt can be found here.

I hope with these examples of what could be described as a ‘capsule wardrobe’, you can see that just investing in one item of clothing can provide you with hundreds of outfits and various looks for different occasions and tastes. Feel free to contact me with ideas of how you would style this Zara statement skirt, or if you would like any more info about where the other items of clothing can be purchased.


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