Baby It’s Cold Inside: How To Cosy up Your Room this Winter


To quote Game of Thrones ‘Winter is coming.’ ‘Tis the season to bail on nights out, snuggle up in bed and have a TV marathon! A cosy room is essential for Netflix and Chill, so follow these simple tips to create the ultimate winter palace.

A throw on your bed (or around your shoulders) can warm up any room. It adds an extra layer of textiles to your bed, making it look more inviting, plus it provides that bit more heat when your housemates wont turn the heating on. Primark has a good range at the moment, priced from £6- £20.

Throw CA

Fairy lights in a warm white colour can also make your room more homely. String them up by your bed, to create a relaxing atmosphere, and make your room as snug as possible. You can even shape them into words, or letters!

Alternatively a lamp can also create this effect, a coloured one will create a lovely mellow light in your room

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Next is throw cushions: honestly, I throw them everywhere. Not only are they super useful when propping yourself up in bed to watch TV or eat your dinner, they add pops of colour to your room. Nothing feels better than lying on a bed surrounded by soft cushions. Get cushions with phrases on, your name on, or even your dogs face on! Anything is possible.

A rug on your floor not only looks great, but also keeps the cold at bay on a practical level. If you have a wooden floor the rug will obviously keep your feet warmer, I suggest putting it next to your bed to relieve that getting-out-of-bed-on-a-cold-morning shock. I don’t know whether a rug making your room warmer is a physiological thing or not, but whichever – it works! I would head to Ikea for your rug – some are as cheap as £1!

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Remember, when choosing room accessories its best to go for warm colours like reds, oranges and purples which will really toast up your room, whereas blues will tend to make it feel colder.



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