The Very Basics of Beauty


Image by Kathryn Smith
Image by Kathryn Smith

Beauty is an extremely personal matter and what works for others, may not work for yourself. So the first piece of advice I would give someone would be to work with themselves; get to know what works well for you and what doesn’t so much. Here are some tips to master the basics of beauty. 

  1. One of the most important areas this principle can be applied to is skin. Before you even consider using make up, you should have perfected the art of skincare. Finding the perfect skincare is not easy, but it is however worth the time and effort, as it can completely transform your skin. This does not have to be a financially strenuous activity; there are plenty of natural remedies that work just as well given the chance. Popular natural ingredients include honey and turmeric. If you find that you have exhausted every possibility, the problem is most likely internal. Skin is closely linked with other factors such as sleep and diet. However once again, it is about knowing your own body. Some are gifted with genetically flawless skin, whilst others work hard to maintain their skin. My own personal routine includes aiming to drink as much water as possible, as well as eating healthily.
  2. Hair, is another beauty basic. Whatever style, length or colour you prefer, keeping your hair healthy is essential in maintaining its appearance. One way in which you can do this is to reduce the amount of heat you use on your hair as it can be damaging and drying. Allow hair to air dry, and only style if really necessary. Serums, oils and sprays can all be used to protect hair from heat damage. Another tip I would recommend would be to oil your hair. Coming from an Asian background, oiling hair is very much a part of routine. There are several types, with many uses, from making hair thicker to reducing dryness. I would recommend the brand Vatika. It’s also highly beneficial to research which oil is most suited to your hair’s needs. As with skin, hair is also linked to your dietary intake. Vitamins A and E are particularly beneficial, as well as Omega-3 oils that can be found in fish, or are available in tablet form.
  3. The last basic I will be covering is eyebrows. Eyebrows have recently come back into the beauty limelight following the trend of thick brows on models such as Cara Delevingne. Eyebrows are an important feature as they frame your face, therefore groomed brows make a world of difference. Popular methods of grooming include waxing, tweezing and my personal choice, threading. If you then want to fill in your eyebrows, as many people now tend to do, you can also do this using powder or a pencil. If you’re not sure how to do so, there are many tutorials on YouTube and Instagram.

I hope you found these tips insightful, and remember, the most important thing to focus on is whatever you feel suits you best, and that you are most comfortable with.


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