Easy Autumn and Halloween Nails


It’s currently raining and summer is officially over, so sadly its time to ditch the pretty pastel nail colours we were all rocking over summer and say hello to autumn nails. Working with amateur nail expert Laura Beaven I bring you three easy and achievable nail designs, including one with a spooky Halloween twist.

First things first, you will need some equipment. Although all the designs can be adapted depending on what colour nail polishes you have, you will need a fine brush in order to complete the designs. You can get these from Amazon, with a set of three available for as little as £1. You can also pick them up from various art supply shops. Alternatively, you can just use a toothpick if you have them available.


Heres the brushes we used to create the three designs.

Autumn leaves nails


The colour of the leaves is one of the things that people always comment on when talking about autumn – so why not capture that on your nails?


Step 1:

Paint the base of the nails you want the leaf design on in a nude/beige colour.


Step 2:

Using the fine brush and black nail polish, draw two lines on your nail like shown in the picture below.


Step 3:

From these two lines, paint two more lines coming off the centre and draw little stalks off each line.


Step 4:

Using the larger brush of the two, paint two adjoining dots off each stalk in various different autumnal colours.


Step 5: Now this is the tricky bit! After the leaves have all dried, use the thinnest brush you have to draw on the centre of the leaves. Paint the other nails single shades and you have perfect autumn nails!

Bonfire tree nails

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 15.16.38

These nails are by far the simplest and look so striking and effective.

For this design as well as a thin brush you will also need a clean makeup sponge or a paintbrush.

Step 1:

Paint each nail with a plain white base


Step 2:

Use your makeup sponge or brush to dab a small amount of yellow nail polish in a circular shape onto the centre of the nail.


Step 3:

Repeat this again but with an orange nail polish colour to add two dimensions of colour.


Step 4:

Use that steady hand from earlier to paint a black line from the end of the nail into the centre of the orange/ yellow circle


Step 5:

Build on this until it resembles a bare tree with three or four branches.12178287_10208054674948750_1610759256_n



Ombré Halloween nails OPi

With Halloween fast approaching, here’s a design for subtly spooky nails in 4 easy steps.



Step 1:

Paint all your nails with a purple base coat. Obviously if you want to change the colours on this tutorial to match your costume that’s easy!



Step 2:

Get your hands on a clean makeup sponge and paint three or four colours on there including white and different shades of purple (or the colour you want to use)


Step 3:

Sponge these colours onto your nails. Don’t worry about excess coming off on your fingers –  you can sort that out later. It’s best to do this twice just to bring a depth of colour to your nails.

IMG_8013 IMG_8018

Step 4:

Using the super thin brush from earlier, use black nail polish to draw lines at the bottom of the nail, next the the cuticle. You can have fun with this painting crosses and gravestones to create a creepy graveyard, or any other Halloween related patterns. Paint on a top coat and Voila! Easy and effective Halloween nails.

spooky nails





For more nail art inspiration follow @ljbeaven_nails. 


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