What to Wear? A Guide To Every Student Night of the Week


Panicking about what to wear during fresher’s week? Worry no more! This is the essential guide of what to wear and where to go every night of the week. Dressing to go out can be stressful; even at home going to the same club I’ve been to hundreds of times I can guarantee that there will be mounds of clothes everywhere as I scream ‘I don’t know what to wear!’ So, starting uni and going to clubs you’ve never been to before, can only be worse. Luckily, I’ve thrown together this little guide, with some handy hints about what to wear each night, so you don’t need to stress and can focus on making friends and having a great time!


Monday night is undoubtedly Jesters night. Jesters is a weird and wonderful place. I guarantee that if you haven’t heard about it already the rumours will be flying in fresher’s week. And what to wear will defiantly be a high priority. If you take one thing away from this article let it be this: YOU NEED JESTERS SHOES! Honestly, they are essential. A Jesters shoe should be categorized in two ways. Firstly they need to be cheap, you will be binning them. Secondly, they should be high-sided – this is essential. At about 10.30pm the Jesters toilets look horrendous.


High-sided shoes like trainers will attempt to protect your feet from ‘you-don’t-want-to-know-what.’

Clothes wise; Jesters is super casual. There is no dress code, so anything goes. I tend to go for jeans and a crop – because after all it’s Monday and who can be bothered? It’s best to wear dark clothes because no doubt at some point someone is going to spill a bright pink Jesticle or a neon green Juicy Lucy down your legs and you will thank your stars that you didn’t wear your favourite white skinnies out.


On a Tuesday, we are heading just a few doors down from Monday night’s Jesters (try not to think about it) to Sobar. Although maybe slightly more dressy than Jesters, and with no need for specific shoes, I would argue that the dark clothing rule still applies. The most popular drink is the quad blue – no one knows for sure what the blue is, but we all know it’s gonna’ stain.

Pretty much anything goes in Sobar, so if you fancy dressing up you’re never going to look out of place, but at the same time if casual is what you fancy go ahead! A good tip for outfit inspiration is to look on the Sobar Facebook page because they take pictures literally every night and post them on there, so you can see what everyone else is wearing.


Wednesday night means its time to hit Oceana for ‘Student Therapy’. For some of my flatmates this is the best night of the week, because it means you get to dress up! Dresses and skirts are common for girls and most girls are in heels (although often people walk from the bus stop at the station, which can be a bit of a trek in heels.) The dress code is fairly strict here – especially for boys. If you’re wearing scruffy trainers you won’t be allowed in. You don’t have to worry about your clothes getting ruined because there is plenty of room – most likely the only person who will spill something down you is you! So go ahead and wear your best togs.


Most people tend to head to Chocolate Factory at Café Parfait on a Thursday night. The free chocolate and chocolate fountain, mean you might want to be careful what you wear. Here is a similar dress code to Sobar – wear whatever you fancy! Head to Parfait’s facebook photos if you need a bit of help.


Friday night at Switch is normally big. Bearing this in mind there is usually quite a queue, so it is advisable to wear something you’re not going to freeze in.

There’s a mix of students in Switch means that people wear anything from a tracksuit to a playsuit. You definitely want something you can move in, because unlike some of the other places mentioned, there aren’t really any chill out areas –  it’s mainly dancing all night long! Out of all the clubs in Soton, Switch is probably the place where you can experiment with your style the most, without looking too out of place in the crowd, so if you fancy trying out a few new looks – this is the place to do it!

Saturday and Sunday:

The weekend tends to be reserved for the locals, so most students use these days to catch up on work or more likely – TV. You’ll probably see more students in Sprinkles than in the clubs, and if you do go out then the likelihood is that you will be going to one of the aforementioned clubs so just follow those guidelines!

Final tips:

  • If you’re heading to a fancy dress night, always make an effort. The weirder the better! Even if you feel like an idiot, you will look like a legend! It’s a talking point and a great way to make friends.
  • The Fresher’s Ball is a great excuse for a new outfit, or to dust your tux  and ballgowns off!
  • Make sure whatever you wear makes you feel happy and comfortable.

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