Fit in 15: The 15-Minute Workout


As the new academic year begins, while it is exciting to be back in university after a long summer break, soon all students start feeling the stress. Assignment deadlines are creeping up, notes to catch up on, topics to revise and all this can have intense pressure on our health. One way we can alleviate this is by spending some time to focus on our health and doing exercise. This not only gives us a break, as we sift through our workload, it will also relax our mind and will lead to effective performance in our academia.

Going to the gym is not everyone’s preference. The gym can be expensive and getting there and back is time consuming also, so in this article I want to particularly focus on a fitness regime that I have been following over the summer. It is quick, easy to grasp and the only equipment needed is our body!


This 15-minute workout builds stamina, helps us keep fit, and, if you want to, lose that extra bit of weight that we may be putting on due to sitting down too much while studying. Even though it is only 15 minutes, it can be quite intense and it is definitely very effective.

My uncle, who is a fitness guru and taught me this workout, told me something I hadn’t thought of before: If you are

Image by Sam Gallagher
Image by Sam Gallagher

SamGallagherLifestyle1_3doing the 15 minute workout for losing weight, then doing it every day will not be as effective because our body gets used to the rhythm of it. Hence, it is important to mix up the exercises on a daily basis. Never allow our body to get used to a workout. While on Mondays we can do the 15-minute workout, on Tuesdays we can stick to some yoga and on Wednesdays some Zumba while following a YouTube video. If the weather is good, we can also go for a run in the Common for 30 minutes or so and repeat the order.

It is all about looking after our body and all we really need is 30 minutes, perhaps a yoga mat and that interest and responsibility of wanting to look after ourselves.  Of course, a balanced diet, enough sleep and keeping ourselves hydrated are essential along with the exercise. To fulfil our potential we all need to have a healthy body and mind. This regime works for me and it will definitely work for you all too.

Good luck to everyone starting the new academic year. Here’s wishing all of us an enjoyable, healthy and successful year.


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