20 Winter Nights In On A Budget


We are just over half way though semester one, everyone’s broke and the weather outside isn’t exactly making me scream JESTERS, so here’s my list of 20 budget friendly, fun nights in if you’re like me – you want to do something but can’t be bothered to leave your house. Admittedly a lot of them are food based, what can I say? I love to eat!

Food/ drink related:

  1. Cheese and wine evening cheese and wine
  2. Cooking evening, get together and make anything from Pizza to Sushi, you could even initiate a house ‘Great British Bake Off’
  3. Food Theme evening, choose a country like Mexico, have Nachos and Fajitas and watch a themed film!
  4. House ‘Come Dine With Me.’ One person does a starter, another a main and another a dessert, other people can do drinks or nibbles, print score cards and mark each other out of 10 – the winner gets to eat the left overs.
  5. The classic – Takeaway night!
  6. Smoothie night, buy a bunch of fruit and try different combinations, you might even want to try some super food additions like spirulina if you’re feeling brave.
  7. COCKTAIL NIGHT! Who can say no to this one?

Activity based:

  1. TV Series binge night! If you haven’t caught up with the last season of ‘Orange is the New Black’ then you really should.
  2. monopolyBoard game night.
  3. Arts and craft evening, all make something together that you can display in your house. Or since Christmas is coming you could even make your own Christmas presents – after all, you’re only a poor student.
  4. Challenge your housemates to a quiz night.
  5. Spend a night putting up your Christmas decorations.
  6. ‘This is my life’ Spend the evening getting to know your housemates better by showing them pictures of you growing up. This could be super cute or just really funny!
  7. Alongside your classic takeaway night you also have the movie night. Get the popcorn ready! You could even use a projector to make it cinema style.
  8. Download a murder mystery kit online and find out who the murderer is.
  9. If you want to avoid the Christmas podge, how about an exercise night, follow a work out DVD for amazing abs.
  10. Create your own bucket list and help each other to tick things off.
  11. Spa night, buy some face masks and give yourselves a well deserved pamper.
  12. FIFA night.
  13. Swap shop, it may sound a bit crazy but if you love online shopping, but are lacking the cash, invite some of your friends around and swap items to refresh your wardrobe a bit!

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