Essential Menswear for Autumn/Winter


Fashion is a notoriously tricky area, with fashionistas on the one hand who are keeping up to date

Image by Zoe Collins
Image by Zoe Collins

with the latest trends, whilst others prefer to stick with what they know. There is no right or wrong thing about fashion at university; you have the freedom to express yourself through what you wear and should feel comfortable in what you are wearing, whether that is the latest high street trend or an old coat that you love and will not get rid of. No matter where you fall in the fashion spectrum, these essential items of menswear will keep all you guys out there ready for anything this Autumn/Winter.


A good boot will keep your feet all dry and warm no matter what the weather is, and provides a great sturdiness for when it gets icy outside. Although boots tend to be a little expensive (£50 is a standard price for a decent pair), they are worth the investment as they are unlikely to be destroyed at the first sign of bad weather. More than that, they are great all throughout Autumn/Winter, so when you have to attend a 9am on a cold November morning, you can get the safe in the knowledge you’ve got decent footwear. In terms of style, a brown leather pair are a good call as they can go with almost any outfit, but if it’s colour you’re looking for, then cherry red Doc Martens are a great  – if pricey –  alternative.

2. Coats

This may sound like a really obvious thing, but it’s surprising how many people do not have a warm winter coat, and by a warm winter coat, I don’t mean a mac that barely keeps the rain out. Again, this is another expensive investment, but it is so worth it, to keep you warm if nothing else. Faux fur lined coats are particularly popular as they keep you warm; leather coats are popular for similar reasons. When buying a coat it is vital you try it on with a few layers; you’re likely to wear it with a hoodie at least, so get the sizing right! The great thing about a good coat is that it should last a good few years, so even if you do want to keep up with the latest fashion trends, it is worth investing in a reliable coat that you like and can wear year after year.

3. Jeans

Jeans are a staple of any wardrobe, but now that the nights are drawing in and it’s getting colder, they are going to make more and more appearances. What is great about a good jean is that you can look great in it without spending too much money. You can also keep your own identity due to the huge variety of jeans out there. For Autumn/Winter you are going to want a jean with a dark wash, and whilst black jeans are good in that they do not show marks and go with pretty much anything, a dark blue jean is better because it adds a bit of style to your outfit, and still goes with most outfits. A good jean should also be able to be used for both casual and more formal events, and dark wash jeans are much better at that than the more casual light wash jeans.

4. Long Sleeved Tops

Whether you are a shirt or t-shirt lover, Autumn/Winter really belongs to the long sleeved shirts or t-shirts. A cheap long-sleeved t-shirt makes the perfect underlayer, adding a bit of extra warmth for when the days get cold. Similarly, a long-sleeved shirt is a good idea if you’re off on a night out; sure it may be hot and sweaty if you’re in a nightclub, but when you inevitably leave, it will get cold pretty quickly. Patterned shirts are the current trend, but as with a long sleeved t-shirt, sometimes it is best to keep it simple; a single coloured top can make you stand out more than a heady patterned one. As with a good jean, they can also fit both the casual and formal areas if you buy wisely.

5. Accessories

Accessories can be the thing that really makes the outfit, whether it is going for a coffee with friends or a wild night out. The obvious things in Autumn/Winter would be gloves and a scarf, and that’s because they should be top of your priority list. Not only do they keep you warm, but they can really add an extra bit of style. On a fancy occasion, jewelry can help lift your outfit, especially a nice watch. If you’re just heading to a lecture however, then you may want something simple, like a woolly hat, to really top off your outfit.


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