The New No Time,No Effort Plan To Get Us Healthier and Fitter?


For most University students, it is often very difficult to maintain a healthy diet and find the time for regular exercise.

Those busy timetables with back to back lectures, constant deadlines and partying and raving til the early hours of the next morning can really take their toll on that calorie counting diet you set yourself for the New Year. You desperately want that chiselled and toned body ready for the summer ahead, but you know it will be a struggle to find the time for those gym sessions. You’re hungry and wish you could cook up wonderfully healthy Instagram-worthy meals that would make any nutritionist proud. However, you haven’t got the time because your essay is due tomorrow. So it seems more convenient to order a Dominoes, or pop out for a quick visit to the Golden Arches before guzzling down a stupid amount of Red Bull for your all night-er at Hartley Library. Such situations may be all too familiar for some students. However, the Instagram sensation that has taken the fitness world by storm, under the name the Body Coach, may be the solution we have all been looking for.

Joe Wicks, otherwise known as @theBodyCoach to his 548 thousand Instagram followers, is offering the public an easy-going lifestyle plan that consists of 20 minute exercises and quick, easy-to-make, healthy 15 minute meals. Wicks is telling us to ditch the juice diets, consume healthy fats and reassures us that eating carbs after 6pm is okay. His 15 second video recipes hashtagged #Leanin15 aim to show that anyone, of any culinary ability, can create healthy and tasty meals within 15 minutes. As well as this, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts are heavily encouraged as Wicks states it cuts hours in the gym but still melts fat away. Joe Wicks and his team can provide you with a 90 day ‘Shift, Shape and Sustain’  food and fitness plan that takes you step by step in a tailored plan consisting of three cycles which will get you the results you desire. All this seems a dream come true, a plan that will get us eating more healthy and nutritious foods that is easy to prepare and regular exercise that can be done almost anywhere, even in those study rooms in Hartley.

Wait a minute, although the plan is glorious and seems like the fundamental key to our quest in achieving the beach body we have been longing for. The plan is £147, which may not be an obstacle for all of us students but certainly is a lot of money to pay for a three month plan especially when there is rent and bills to pay. Many of the recipes and work outs are accessible through Wicks’ instagram page. The Body Coach’s page has got me, originally an inept cook, creating appetising and healthy meals with little effort. Whats more, Wicks has shown me how to put my body through various intense workouts, leaving me feeling less sluggish and much more energetic.




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