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Another year at the Grammy’s sees another red carpet parading designer dresses, couture handbags and tailored statement pieces. The 2016 wardrobe was far from conservative, boasting bold colours, sexy slits, mesh midriffs and sensuous cutaways.

But recreating these looks doesn’t have to be extravagant as their red-carpet prices. From classy to bold to sexy, here’s how you can pin down our top three Grammy looks.

Style #1 : Lianne La Havas

We are proud to identify our pick for best dressed to be one of our own. Lianne La Havas, the London-born singer-songwriter, shone out this year in an exotically vibrant and distinctively crafted Vivienne Westwood gown. Dramatically structured, the embellished floral pattern oozed elegance, while the striking colour propelled her into a 21st Century era of classic-modern-fusion.

Unfortunately if this is the look you’re going for you may have to meet us halfway – Vivienne Westwoodsure isn’t known for obeying predictable trends, undoubtedly a trendsetter in the fashion world as oppose to a follower. So though this lime green is doubtlessly set to hit the high street in the encroaching seasons, you’re going to have to shop around a bit if you want to be ahead of the game.

This gorgeous two piece floral dress made by Sherri Hill, a favourite designer for prom dresses, is perhaps the closest to Havas’s Vivienne Westwood you’re likely to come across and clocks in at a respectable £280. However, if you’re looking for something a little better tailored to your student budget ASOS sell a party-style take on the original asymmetrical ball-gown for only £35, and yet, with a pair of silver platform sandals such as these Lipsy glitter heels, your style inspiration will remain easily traceable.



Style #2 : Taylor Swift

Second in line for the crown is course the unashamedly striking Miss Taylor Swift, subsequent winner of 3 Grammy awards, dressed to the nines in a two-piece dress by Atelier Versace. Colour blocking at its finest with high slits in the satin folds enticingly revealing those mile-long-legs, and yet still the pop sensation maintained that effortless sense of class for which she is so notorious.

Taylor’s (thankfully), is not a difficult one to recreate. Below are pictured just three of my favourite picks at varying prices to imitate Taylor’s gorgeous Versace skirt. (Pictured from left to right) Starting out at Barney’s with the most expensive at a staggering £2,300 is the Monique Lhuillier silk ball skirt, while Alberta Ferreti’s more A-line version in a fuchsia silk-blend is priced more reasonably at £317. The most affordable of the three however is the £120 Luxe maxi-skirt complete with side slit if you have legs as endless as Taylor’s to show off.

Matching any of these gorgeous maxi-skirt’s with a staple red bandeau or bralette-style crop top, such as are available in the basic’s range at many a high street store (H&M, Boohoo or Misguided to name a few) will, with a short trip to Kurt Geiger for some metallic heels and lick of red lipstick, Swiftly adorn you with an outfit worthy of Taylor’s Grammy style.




Style #3: Alessandra Ambrosio

And last but my no means least, my second runner up for best-dressed goes to Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio who affected a gothic-catwoman-esque guise with her artfully cut plunge neckline, dark eyes and wide black choker.

Like Taylor, Alessandra went with Atelier Versace as her chosen designer, and yet her figure-hugging black number, while just as revealing as Miss Swift’s bright and bold statement piece, was undoubtedly designed to evoke something more adult from the red carpet runway scene. Complete with plunging neckline and crafty cutaway slices showing off that model-ready waist-line, Alessandra’s style-choice was certainly the most rock-chic of the night and perhaps – dare we say it – the most seductive.

This look is the simplest and cheapest to recreate with cutaways and deep necklines being very of-the-moment in the world of high-street fashion. Dresses of a very similar design to this Versace piece are not difficult to come across and can be found for as little as £15 (Boohoo, far left), or for something of little more quality Misguided likewise sell a similar style of dress for a respectable £70.

What makes this look however, more than either of my previous edits, is of course the dark eye make-up and simply-sleek hairstyle. If you’re new to the smoky-eye look I recommend the Benefit ‘Smokin’ Eye’s’ makeover gift set (RRP. £28.50 – Debenhams), which comes complete with an infstruction guide on perfecting this iconic look while the only brand for this sleek and straight hairstyle is, of course, GHD.



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