Stand Out from the Crowds in LFW with this Lipstick Trend


21st Century fashion trends have always been about breaking the rules, rebelling against standard colour pairing, shamelessly wearing florals with stripes, and mixing vintage lace with ripped jeans and biker jackets.

The only element of your beauty routine to thus far miss out on all the controversy is – shockingly – your make-up. Yes, we’ve had bright and we’ve done bold. You’re a seasoned chameleon with the seductively smoky eyes by night and a flawless nude complexion by day. But where is the statement we ask? Where is that rebellious flare you’ve worked so hard to weave into your wardrobe?

The days are numbered where you have to settle on one colour, one pattern, one trend. No longer are we confined within the labels of grunge, minimalist or hipster. So why should your make-up?

In honour of London Fashion Week 2016, I invite you to break the mould with one of these two-toned lipstick styles guaranteed to revolutionise your look and ensure that you stand out even amongst this week’s fashionista crowd.

  1. Contrasting Top and Bottom Lip

Be bold, be different. This look works best with bright contrasting colours; baby pink and pillar-box red, deep purple and baby blue, shocking fuschia and burnt orange. Or, if you’re not ready to go all the way how about switching up the finish? A glossy sheen on the top-tip resting on a matte lower-lip. Be careful though, pursing those lips together when that horrifying victim of fashion’s most embarrassing faux-pas passes by you on the underground will ruin your carefully defined look. Our advice? Grit your teeth and bear it while making a fervent note NEVER to pair those shoes with that shirt.

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  1. Drawn in from the centre

A dark inner lip fading into a bright outer shade. This look can be achieved with pretty much any colour but our favourite has to be fading Chanel’s Rouge Noir into her classic Coco Rouge. An urban twist on a classic look. Or if you’re out for a more party vibe, fading into a glitter or metallic lipstick could easily give your go-to little black dress combo a hundred times more panache. (The new L.A. Lights Blendable range from Smashbox Cosmetics would also produce great results).

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  1. From left to right

This one is a little more out there but that just makes it all the more eye-catching! As above, fade your lipstick into each other but this time fade horizontally across your lips. This look is again best achieved using two shades of the same colour. But, that said, the most dramatic affect from this look is most definitely when fading black into white.

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  1. The Bold Outline

Keen to draw attention to that photo-ready pout? This is the look for you. Frame your lips with a contrasting shade of lip-pencil. How about the MAC What a Blast! Bright Orange lip pencil surrounding the softer shade of Sweet Pink from Maybelline’s Colour Sensations range? Alternatively try outlining a nude lipstick with your favourite pencil, the brighter the better – Very dramatic!



  1. Line stripe down the middle

For an almost Princess Leia stroke warrior-princess look, opt for the dramatic centre stripe. Contrasting colours work best here and looks particularly effective if you are lucky enough to have a defined curve in your upper lip. Our favourite combo would be an intense stripe of MAC’s Boyfriend Stealer Blackened Plum against the vibrant Blue Velvet by NYX.

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And finally don’t forget! – in order to keep your colours from blending into each other you’re going to need to seal that lipstick. We recommend taking the following steps for a smudge resistant look:

  1. Use Vaseline on your lips when applying your base moisturiser and allow to fully sink in before you attempt to pucker up your lips. This will help to smooth the cracks and lock in the moisture, preventing you from biting away at them later.
  2. Powder over your lips. This will stop your lipstick from smudging and help it last throughout the wear and tear of your busy day.
  3. Now apply your pencil and lipstick (in that order we might add!)
  4. And last but not least, particularly important for these two-tones looks is the use of a sealant such as Lipcote or any clear gloss. Applying this over the top of your lipstick will prevent your colours from blending into each other while giving them a flawless finish.

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