Five Student-friendly Healthy Food Swaps


You have all heard it before, from lifestyle magazines, the 10 o’clock news as well as your parents, incessantly, about how a diet of alcohol and Pot Noodles is not infinitely sustainable, and that those Dominos with extra garlic and herb dips will come back to haunt you. Hate to break it to you… they will. But it sure is relatively cheap, easy and ridiculously tasty, to swap those questionable food choices for something for which your body is more likely to thank you in 20 years.

Despite the many redeeming qualities of cheep and cheerful food, for those who live in fear of the calories catching up on us, being healthy is a constantly niggling concern. I know as well as the next student that vegan, gluten-free raw macha cocoa balls (Are those a thing?) are not as nice as a “sharing” bag of Reese’s pieces, nor are low calorie and carb crackers as satisfying as a sizeable tin of Pringles.

After much experimentation, I have found several snack replacements that fit three important criteria: cheap, easy and delicious. Not to mention, these might help you stick to that diet that you’ve tried to be on for the last two years; and actively prevent early onset of heart disease, rather than catalyse it. Give it a go!

1.Carrot sticks and houmous

Carrots are dirt cheap and you can make houmous yourself! Look no further than the BBC website for an easy recipe. This snack is a great replacement for sodium-riddled and oil-suffocated alternatives like that amicable bag of Doritos, or the colossal 24-pack of Walkers crisps you found on offer in Sainsbury’s, but can’t crack into without feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt.

2. Dates and peanut butter

For chocolate lovers like me, dates are an absolute God-send. They satiate the craving and are actually good for you. Choose Medjool for premium quality, but other cheaper alternatives are just as tasty with a good dollop of smooth peanut butter. If you don’t fancy dates, try this with bananas.

3. Cream cheese and salmon on crackers

This is a crowd-pleaser as it hits the spot with the fat and salt content and is bold and rich in flavour. Can be used as a light lunch or a sizeable snack, either way, it stops you succumbing to microwave pizza and chips.

4. Grilled tomato on wholemeal sandwich thins

This was a snack created out of poverty and desperation; all I had were tomatoes and a few thins in the cupboard to last me until the week ended. It was Monday. Surprisingly, once sliced and grilled, the tomatoes tasted incredible on slightly buttered brown bread, and thus the healthy, low calorie snack sandwich was discovered!

5. Goat’s cheese with purple grapes

Not for everyone, but super palate-pleasing for many, as well as being very quick and easy to whip up.

Bon appétit!




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