Restaurant Review: Lakaz Maman


Two writers, Natália and Farihah joined the herds in trying Bedford Place’s new restaurant ‘Lakaz Maman’, owned and managed by former MasterChef winner, Shelina Permalloo.

Farihah says:

Credit: Farihah Choudhury
Credit: Farihah Choudhury

The minute you walk through the door there are enthusiastic eaters and smiling staff forming a warm impression of the newly opened restaurant. Quirky but clean, the authentic vibe of Lakaz Maman invites you to sample a bite of Mauritian culture.

Greeted by friendly, chatty waiters, we were quickly shown a table and presented with gorgeous menus with lots of choice. Although the tables did not accommodate for a lot of space, the little area that is available at each table cleverly crafted a vision of Mauritius that would make those who had no previous experience of it (myself included) instantly acquainted with the culture.

Credit: Farihah Choudhury

I chose the “Alooda” drink; a smooth combination of coconut milk and vanilla with basil seeds. It’s light enough to have alongside a big meal but also very satisfying. Then as my gajak (starter) I had the chicken wings, which were superbly presented and tasted incredible – the signature sauce was very unique and complemented the chicken perfectly.

For my main I had the chicken and prawn magic bowl, which was nothing like I had ever tasted before! The homemade element of this really stuck out to me and the flavour combination worked well together. I also had the famous Yummy Coco Bun for dessert which did not disappoint- the subtle hint of pistachio and caramel alongside coconut ice cream is a winner.

It goes without saying that I am more than eager to return to Lakaz Maman!

Natalia says:

Credit: Natalia Jopling-Tanser
Credit: Natalia Jopling-Tanser

The pleasant ambience made the lunch all the more enjoyable. Immediately upon arrival, the relaxed atmosphere, created by the unusual decoration and presence of soft pastel colours covering the restaurant’s walls, in addition to the extensive choice of cuisine, puts a newcomer at ease. Throughout the meal a mixture of world and soothing jazz music was played, further enhancing the overall dining experience.

Food-wise, this restaurant was fantastic. The flavoursome and exotic food was presented in a stylish and appetising manner. All the dishes on the menu sounded wonderful, but it was the Salt-Cod Fritters, the Cari Chicken Roti Wrap and the Chocolate Samosas that won my heart.  Having only ever had savoury samosas, I was unsure if a sweet samosa was a viable dessert – how wrong I was! The sweet and tasty goodness of the chocolate perfectly complemented the almost pancake-like batter, which was accompanied by mango sauce – a delicious concoction.

Also, you wouldn’t know from the taste, but nearly all of the options on the menu are either free from gluten and/or dairy. It is truly wonderful to see that Shelina is catering for people of all dietary requirements.

During our meal, a slight buzz from other customers enjoying their food was apparent. Being one of the few restaurants that allows dogs inside, our hearts were warmed as we met a French Bulldog on the way out of the restaurant. Following my Lakaz Maman experience, I can say that I truly enjoyed my exposure to Mauritian street food and will be returning to the restaurant very shortly.

Credit: Natalia Jopling-Tanser
Credit: Natalia Jopling-Tanser


A must-go-to restaurant, especially in summer! We both came away from our Lakaz Maman experience eager to go back and try other dishes on the menu, so get yourself to Lakaz Maman if you love trying new food and want a wonderful and unique dining experience. As it stands, it is very busy and there is not a lot of space but we are confident that future developments will allow for a bit more leg room once the restaurant gets going.


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