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Subscription boxes are becoming more and more popular. From make-up to stationery, presents in the post are exciting to come home to and can even prove a pretty cheap way of buying useful things or things you like. Most websites for subscriptions also have their own online shops and a points system depending on how many boxes you have received, items you have reviewed, or friends you have referred the subscription to. 

Papergang is one of the more unusual subscription boxes. Unlike others such as beauty boxes or food boxes, stationary isn’t something you use up quite quickly. It can also be quite a bit pricey if you buy extra nice stuff. Papergang, if you hadn’t guessed it already, is a stationery subscription box containing some useful, some not, bits and bobs and beautiful papery goodness. Papergang is a part of the online shop Ohh Deer, which sells clothes, gifts, accessories and items for the home.

As a hoarder of notebooks, I was excited to receive my first Papergang box in the post.


Upon delivery, I noticed that it was a much larger package than other boxes I have received. Unlike many beauty subscriptions, there was no decorated box that came with it. It came in some coloured tissue paper instead. I didn’t find this a problem though.

In my first Papergang box I received 2 foil pencils, a magnetic shopping list pad, an A4 notebook with graph paper, small scissors shaped like a bird, a greetings card with a rhino decoration and a special papergang iron on patch.

I was pleasantly surprised at these presents in the post. The decoration on the scissors was intricate and beautiful and something I would expect to have to buy for around seven or eight pounds. If anything, this just goes to show that Papergang, despite being £9.95 a month, is actually very good value for money.

I was also really pleased with the design of the pad, notebook and greetings card – tasteful and quirky.


Whilst I was very pleased with Papergang, and whilst it does seem to be pretty good value for money, I would not continue a regular subscription as stationery isn’t something that I would need monthly, nor something I run out of very quickly. It is easy to see how a year of receiving a Papergang subscription for a year would result in a very cluttered desk.

There are ways round this of course. The items in a Papergang box are appropriate to give away as gifts, but, again, this could not continue for a year.

On the whole, receiving a Papergang box in the post is exciting and a nice way of treating yourself with something a little different. An individual box has great value for money, however, it would not be economical to continue for much longer than a few months.


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