How to Stay Fashionable on a Student Budget


As university students we are bombarded with lots of different worries on a daily basis and one of the  biggest worries that we all face is money. Transportation, food, books, bills and socialising are just a few of the main things that we have to pay out for as a student. As a result, this leaves us very little money for new clothing. However, just because we are living on a tight budget that doesn’t mean our fashion has to suffer. Although, a new Gucci handbag may be out of reach there are plenty of other cheaper options that won’t break the bank. So ditch that hoodie and those leggings that you have been living in all year and follow these  simple tips to stay trendy at university:

1- Get Thrifty:

Thrift Shop. Photo Credit –

Although you may not initially like the idea of wearing clothes that someone else has previously worn, thrift shops, charity shops and vintage stores are gold mines for fashionable clothing. It may seem daunting  and it will take a little more effort than your normal shopping experience, but purchasing and wearing second hand clothes is truly a great way to find a new outfit. Whether it’s a vintage piece or a modern piece of clothing that someone has thrifted, you can pick up some beautiful bargains from these second hand stores. In fact, in many cases you can often find designer items that are being resold for under ten pounds. So don’t be afraid, explore and embrace thrift shop clothes.

2- Get Creative

You don’t need to be outrageously artistic to get creative with your clothing. Before throwing out any old clothes put your thinking cap on and consider  any other possibilities that this item may have before you dispose of it. Embroidery is one of many ways to reinvent your clothes. Embroidered badges and patterns can be purchased cheaply online and also from many arts and craft stores and they can simply be ironed on to any piece of material or fabric. Not only is this a cheap way to reinvent old pieces of clothing, it also makes that item highly quirky and individual . Remember, if you created it that means no one else has it.

3- Stock up on accessories:

Accessories are your best friend. A bold statement necklace and some cute bangles can really reinvent a standard jeans and t-shirt combo. So spice things up with some new colourful accessories. A necklace can completely transform an outfit from old to new.

4- Be clever when purchasing:

Embroidered Jacket. Photo Credit – aliexpress.

When you’re strapped for cash but really need a good shopping trip ensure the items that you buy are statement pieces. By statement pieces, I mean items that are versatile, that can be worn all year round and will still be in fashion next season.  If you’re buying a cute new dress consider whether you could layer it over a long sleeved t-shirt in the winter months. Buy clothes that have endless outfit possibilities to ensure it was worth purchasing.

5- Make do and mend:

Make do and mend allows you to let loose with a pair of scissors. Ripped jeans are highly fashionable at the moment, but if you can’t afford to buy a new pair of ripped jeans why not create your own. Grab a pair of old jeans and be brave and cut your own rips.  There is no rubric on how to do this. Remember, the rips aren’t supposed to be neat or even. So go crazy and rip that denim to your hearts desire and by the end of it you will have a new pair of trendy jeans at no cost at all.



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