One Item, Five Ways


As we all know, it’s extremely helpful to be able to mix and match our clothes to create new and exciting combinations. I decided to see just how easy it was to take one item of my clothing and make five different outfits from it. I took one simple white striped top and cleared out the rest of my wardrobe to see what outfits I could make.

IMG_1197 [55245] IMG_1204 [64060] IMG_1213 [64447] IMG_1224 [55209] IMG_1230 [55170]

Outfit 1

IMG_1196 [55243] IMG_1197 [55245]

This is an outfit that I wear frequently anyway, so this was less of a problem for me than some of the other outfits. I paired the top with my dungarees and Converse trainers to create a pretty cute and casual outfit. Personally, I love this outfit! It’s so comfortable and I feel great in it, it’s perfect for anything you might have going on in the day.

Outfit 2

IMG_1204 [64060] IMG_1209 [64070]

Again, this is an outfit I’ve worn before. I wore some black high-waisted jeans to create a less casual look, and put on the ankle boots and leather jacket to match. This is the sort of outfit I would wear if I was going out somewhere in the evening, or if I had a slightly smarter event during the day.

Outfit 3

IMG_1212 [64445] IMG_1213 [64447]

For the third outfit, I kept the same jeans on but took off the jacket and put on my Converse. I think this combination is really versatile, and can be paired with any cardigan or hoodie to make it wearable for all weather conditions. I felt less comfortable in this outfit than the other two for some reason. Looking back, I think it needs a casual jacket of some kind to complete the look properly.

Outfit 4

IMG_1220 [55201] IMG_1224 [55209]

The fourth outfit was a totally new combination for me. I dug out the green shirt from the depths of my wardrobe, paired it with the blue jeans and a new outfit was made! I really liked this outfit, it’s probably one of my favourites from the experiment. It was so comfortable and versatile, and the shirt made it wearable in any weather as well.

Outfit 5

IMG_1228 [55166] IMG_1230 [55170]

My final outfit was very different to all the previous ones. Instead of trousers I paired the top with a black skirt and tights, and along with the heeled ankle boots, I think this created a whole new look. I felt really positive about this outfit, and it’s definitely a great combination for going out somewhere nice.

Final thoughts:

This experiment was far more difficult than I originally thought it was going to be. It forced me to look at my wardrobe in a different light and really made me consider just how versatile my clothes can be. I loved creating new looks that were all centered around the same simple piece of clothing, and overall I think this was a total success.


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