Makeup for the Clueless, from the Clueless – Eyes


So you know nothing about makeup, and are looking for some easy tips on how to up your game without emptying your bank account or having to put in too much effort? Well I’ll see what I can do. If you read my first piece in this series about foundation and contouring, you should have a base coat of makeup and be ready to start glamming up a bit, so this week’s article is all about getting your eyes poppin’.

I’ve always been someone who sticks to minimal makeup, so just had a trusty eyeliner pencil and cheap mascara and didn’t see any reason to change. But during my recent makeup journey I’ve discovered a few things that make eye makeup a bit easier/more exciting. My first point is about the ridiculously large number of different mascaras available. Like really. I want my eyelashes to be slightly longer, slightly dark and slightly thicker. I do not want to make them 6ft long, or be able to reshape them to resemble Edward Scissorhands, so why are there SO MANY CHOICES of mascara?! It’s down to personal preference but the only thing I look for is a long stick  – if it’s longer, I find it easier to control, and yes I’m aware of how much of an innuendo this has become. Stop being so dirty-minded.

Now for eyeliner – I’ve yet to properly master top eyeliner so these tips are mainly what friends have recommended to me. Since the perfect eyeliner wing seems to be the ultimate goal from what social media tells me, I’ve been desperate to try it, but just couldn’t get to grips with those tiny brushes that ended up just all over my face. Then I found a Kiko eyeliner pen (£2 in the sale, absolute bargain), and it’s so much easier – it dries quickly, it gives you a more precise line, and what’s more, it’s perfect for drawing moustaches and cat whiskers for a dress up party – what more could you want?

To make your eyes really pop, eyeshadow adds a bit of colour, and is quite fun to do. It’s something that a lot of people find daunting, but I’ve found a method that I do pretty much every time, which works with any colours and is really easy to do. As with contouring, it always seems to be about light and dark, shadows and highlights. There are various ways to achieve this but what I do is simple: take a light coloured eyeshadow (powder or stick, as long as it’s not too powdery and will stick to the lid) – preferably a matte colour but it’s not essential – and do a base layer all across your lid. Then take a slightly darker eyeshadow that fits your colour scheme – apply it along the crease of your eyelid, and slightly up into your brow if you want to be a bit jazzy. Lastly, get a much darker colour, again matching your colour scheme, and do a sort of triangle from the outer corner of your eye to about a third of the way in. You end up with something which looks quite complex and professional but which is actually really easy and quick to do. Obviously there are loads of different ways you can do your eyeshadow, but this works for me with any colour scheme and doesn’t waste time – you don’t need an insanely expensive Urban Decay palette to pull it off, I just use Boots No 7, and I think it looks particularly good with glittery/metallic colours, particularly smokey eye and nude colours.

Something to bear in mind with eyeshadows is not to feel limited to just eyeshadow palettes. I’m sure to a makeup artist this is probably blasphemy, but if you find a blusher or something which has a particularly nice shade that you haven’t found as an eyeshadow, use it! In the end it’s essentially the same thing and often skin makeup is slightly more durable and so might stick for longer.

So, provided all has gone to plan, your eyes should look ready for all those night-out selfies, and hopefully not like the topic of that Desiigner song. For tips on getting your eyebrow game up to scratch, come back next week!


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