6 Ways to Keep Your Room Warm This Winter


With autumn leaving and winter setting in, the temperatures are dropping outside!  But, that doesn’t mean they need to drop inside your house too. 
This time of year always prompts the big question of ‘when to turn the heating on?”. Some days are colder than others, some people like their houses warm all the time and others would rather put that extra jumper on. The big ‘heating’ problem can often cause arguments between house mates due to the extortionate cost of it. If you can’t all agree or even want to make your room a little bit warmer, here’s a few tips to keep your room warm and save money on that dreaded heating bill.
 Curtains –  In many houses the radiators are placed in front of the windows; so to stop the heat escaping straight out the windows make sure you have curtains. They are great for keeping the warm air in and the cold air out as well as brightening up your room a bit. They are an essential for anyone wanting to watch their heating bill!

The Sun – This may seem like an odd one; but by making sure your curtains are open during the day, the sunlight can stream in and warm up your room a little bit. And make sure you close them when it starts to get dark to keep the heat in.

Roll out the Red Carpet – Invest in a decorative rug, if you don’t have carpeted floors, as according to the National Energy Foundation as much as 10% of heat is lost through floor.

Posters – According to IFLScience, a simple poster on your wall can increase the room temperature by 1C by adding an extra layer of insulation. So, get decorating!

Timers – It is not effective to keep the heating on all day. Instead, set timers for peak times when you’ll be in the house (e.g. in the morning and evening).

Radiators – Make sure there’s nothing blocking your radiator (like a bed!) otherwise your bed will be warm, yet your room won’t be!

So, this year welcome in winter with slightly warmer rooms!


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