Your University Bedroom Essentials


Packing for university can be a struggle. It’s so hard to think of everything you might possibly need. However, Wessex Scene are here to help with a list of university bedroom essentials to make your flat feel like a home.

1) Fairylights

Putting up some pretty lights automatically adds to the homeliness of a room and make you feel all cosy. It turns a drab student room into an awesome little den where you can watch Stranger Things and chill the f*ck out.

2) A rug

This might seem obvious but it’s something that freshers will often forget. Any kind of size rug adds character to a room and stops it looking a bit bare. Ikea have some pretty cheap and kicking rugs in stock.

3) Photos and posters

Once you’ve moved away, you’re going to want something to remind you of home and who you are. Buy yourself a hanging photo display or some pegs, some blu-tac and you’re set to go. They’ll look awesome above your bed or all over your wardrobe. Go crazy!

4) A plant

Something as small as a little cactus can give you an enormous sense of pride and watering it every few months will still make you feel productive and like a capable person. Cacti don’t need much attention so you don’t need to worry about taking much care of them. Plus it adds to the #aesthetic. Another alternative is an orchid. They’re also fairly easy to maintain and look very pretty on a desk.pots-716579_1920

5) A doorstop

And make it sturdy for those heavy halls doors. Propping your door open in halls will be a saviour for your social life. Keeping an open door means others are more likely to feel like they can come in and talk to you, offer you a cup of tea as they walk down the corridor or invite you on a night out.

6) A hand hoover

Buying yourself a hoover is probably something you never had to think about before university. Now you’re out of your parents house, you’ve got to clean your own room. You’d be surprised how much muck can accumulate on your bedroom floor over freshers week and it doesn’t look very nice for guests. If you eat your meals in your room, you’ll definitely need a hoover.

7) A laundry hamper

Or something that you can throw all your dirty clothes into rather than throwing them all over the floor or dedicating a drawer. There are lots of nice cheap ones available and you can just shove it discreetly under your desk or your bed.

8) A blow up mattress

Keep this under your bed and you’ll automatically have a comfy place for all your friends from home to come for a sleepover. Or, you might need it if you or someone else manages to vomit on your bed.

9) Bluetooth speakers

You’ll be hailed a God/Goddess at pre-drinks and maybe even given free reign over music. Plus, speakers are a great way to drown out the sound of your flatmate next door after they’ve brought someone home after a night out.



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