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Orla Kiely, is one of the biggest cutting edge pattern designers of the 21 first century. If you haven’t heard of her or seen her work, then you should be utterly ashamed. Her simple, strong and stylish retro prints are timeless and just to die for. Kiely’s work brings together simplicity and boldness in such an effective way that it is impossible to not fall in love with her designs. From cushions to phone cases to bags, she never fails to please. Her designs are always aesthetically gorgeous.

Kiely came on to the fashion scene in the 1990’s. A minimalist era dominated by white walls and monochrome palettes. Kiely disrupted this mundane trend and introduced her trademark retro print stem pattern. She reawakened the world of fashion and home interiors to colour and boldness. Taking inspiration from sixties and seventies fashion, as well as the dress sense of women in Kitchen Sink Dramas, Kiely revitalised old fashion styles into something new and refreshing. Introducing this bold style into an era occupied with plain and simple designs was a risky move. However, Kiely managed to pull it off due to the cleanness and freshness of her designs. Although her patterns are bold they are also simplistic. They aren’t overwhelming for the eye. They are always chic.

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Alexa Chung, Kirsten Dunst and even The Duchess of Cambridge are fans of Kiely’s work. Kate herself has been pictured in many pieces of clothing made by the modern retro designer. Kiely is not just a house hold name. She is loved and adored by the rich and famous. It is amazing to believe how far she has come when she started out from nothing

However, Kiely’s current project is one of her most exciting ventures of her career so far. Teaming up with the super stylist Leith Clark, Kiely is releasing a collaboration collection entitled L’Orla. However, do not fear, the collection still keeps its roots in Kiely’s charming and idiosyncratic style. The designs of L’Orla are inspired by seventies children’s clothing patterns and the pieces evoke a fantasy geek, chic mood. Clark provides a new refreshing twist on Kiely’s style. The simple bold patterns combined with the pastel colour palettes are simply gorgeous and are sure to be a great hit. My favourite piece in the collection is the mustard burnt, velvet ruffled dress. It is such a timeless and elegant piece evoking whimsical and romantic notions. It is definitely a dress that I will have dreams about. A dress that I would love to be able to afford and own for myself.

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Yes, admittedly a lot of Kiely products are expensive. However, do not despair. You can add a splash of Orla Kiely in your life without breaking the bank. When you next go to Tesco, yes Tesco, I would advice you to take a look at their reusable shopper bags. Yes, you can carry your shopping in an Orla Kiely style shopper! For just a few pounds you can fulfil your Kiely desires . I have one of these shopper bags myself and I absolutely adore it. Get one of these bags and grocery shopping will become one hundred percent more glamorous.









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