Why Have Freckles Become Fashionable?


Facial blemishes, especially freckles, can be found more and more prominently in high fashion and are becoming generally more desired among the population but why now?

I have had freckles across my nose since childhood and have always hated them completely. However, recently I have noticed the increasing desirability of them, through adverts and the dominance of individuals creating ‘fake’ freckles through differing methods of severity.

As a child, I remember being truly uncomfortable with my freckles and my auburn hair with the inevitable playground insults being pelted at me throughout school. I read countless WikiHow articles on how to remove them completely or simply lighten them so they would be less noticeable. As stupid as it sounds, on a number of occasions, I would hold slices of lemon on my face in a poor attempt to rid myself of these imperfections. (Don’t even try this, it was a waste of my time and the risk of getting some in your eye is not worth it!) But that was what I was lead to believe; freckles were imperfections.

Seeing freckles as imperfections was a constant throughout my childhood, as I was suffocated by advertisements condemning these blemishes. I was completely unaware of how freckles would become so chic in later life! These advertisements clearly show freckles and blemishes as something to be embarrassed or ashamed about. It suggests that you are expected to hate your freckles so fingers crossed, someone else will like them otherwise you’re out of luck. The worst thing about this advertisement is that it was seen on the tube in 2016. As if the year was getting any worse, we’re now being encouraged to hate our freckles, our eye colours, which is disguised by the use of a confusing accompanying hashtag: #LoveYourImperfections?

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However, even though freckles are being condemned on some platforms, they are being highly desired and mimicked by others. These methods of creating freckles were initially introduced by makeup artists who would simply use an eyeliner pencil dotted lightly across the nose and around the temples to then be blended out with a finger to create the most realistic appearance as possible. People are now actively trying to give themselves freckles! They do not know the pain and struggles of putting lemon juice on their faces! The ‘freckle phase’ is becoming even more drastic through intensifying their appearance. This is shown through this M.A.C advert for ‘Fantasy Freckles’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POUXs2ws-9o where a matte, purple lipstick is used to create freckles in a less subtle way.

The most dramatic commitment to freckles I have found so far is that many people are getting ‘freckle tattoos’? Three women from BuzzFeed got these tattoos across their noses and to be fair to them they did look nice at the end but it is a lot to go through to just get freckles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ng7aqMtEp4 Also, I did wonder that the people who are undergoing these tattoos are probably very fashionable and are doing it to keep up with the trends of today. However, what will happen when freckles go out of fashion yet again? They’ll be left with imperfections that were only desirable yesterday and tomorrow, something else will be all the rage.

I think that the main objective is to encourage individuals to embrace the imperfections that they already possess, such as freckles or strong eyebrows, as opposed to portraying imperfections in such a desirable way that it makes others abandon loving their own.

Freckles are in fashion today, but for how long?


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